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Chennai Metro Driverless Train Ride Late 2025, Alstom Starts Production; Check key features

The Metro rail network across India has grown at a rapid pace and has become the lifeline of many cities including Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Chennai. By the end of 2025, commuters will be able to enjoy a ride on driverless trains on the Chennai Metro. Rolling stock manufacturer Alstom said it has started production of world-class Metropolis trains for Phase II of the Chennai Metro from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sricity. This order aims to deliver 36 metro trains, each containing three cars, and capable of operating at a maximum speed of 80 kmph. These trains are designed to run on the 26 km corridor, a segment of Phase II that links Poonamallee Bypass to Light House through 28 stations (18 elevated and 10 underground).

The project is valued at €124 million, which also includes training of Chennai Metro staff for its operation and maintenance. With a 25 KV power supply for optimal energy efficiency, Alstom’s Metropolis metros will ensure safe and reliable passenger transportation for over 11 million citizens of the city.

MA Siddique, Director General, CMRL, said, “Chennai Metro has established itself as a cornerstone of efficient and reliable transportation for our citizens. It not only boosts the economy by improving connectivity but also promotes sustainable mobility by reducing emissions.” and decongest the roads. CMRL will introduce driverless trains in Phase II. These modern trains prioritize the safety and comfort of passengers, further enhancing the travel experience.”

Olivier Loison, Managing Director, Alstom India, said: “The order for rolling stock for Phase I of the Chennai Metro marked the beginning of our manufacturing journey in India. As we begin production of the second phase, we are delighted to bring more innovation to the Chennai Metro that promises to redefine the commuting experience for the residents of Chennai.”

Key features of driverless rolling stock

The metro system boasts impressive features, including three-car trains with a capacity of 1,000 passengers, ensuring a seamless boarding experience with spacious internal walkways. The coaches will have air conditioning and exclusive spaces for women and people with disabilities.

2/3 of the space on the coaches will be reserved for women. The coaches will have handles of different colors and their installation at a lower height will guarantee easy access. The perch seats will offer support to standing passengers, complemented by enhanced security through CCTV cameras. The train will have emergency evacuation doors and strategically located fire extinguishers.

The system is equipped with obstacle and yaw detectors for quick troubleshooting and emphasizes sustainability with regenerative electric braking for greater energy efficiency.

Inspired by the elegant ‘Mudras’ of the Indian classical dance Bharatnatyam, the outer front mask forms a unique and culturally rich design. The pattern of the lounge partition (the glass support against each corner seat in the metro) pays homage to the traditional decorative art form of Tamil Nadu, known as ‘Kolam’. These trains will be the first in India to introduce Perch seats, enhancing passenger experience and comfort. The color palette is based on the landscape, architecture, state heritage, vibrant communities, rich traditions, diverse art and cultural expressions of the region.

These metro trains are designed and engineered to operate without a driver with Unattended Train Operations (UTO). The metro cars are equipped with Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and Automatic Train Protection (ATP), along with a regenerative braking system, ensuring substantial energy conservation. With GOA 4 driverless features, these trains will offer a comfortable and environment-friendly metro solution for the passengers of Chennai.

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