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Did you know that India’s youngest billionaire is just 27 years old? Know everything about him

New Delhi: In a remarkable story of youthful ambition and entrepreneurial prowess, 27-year-old Pearl Kapur has made headlines by becoming India’s youngest billionaire. Her startup, Zyber 365, quickly rose to prominence in the tech world, revolutionizing retail commerce and achieving unicorn status within just three months of its creation.

The rise of Zyber 365

Founded in May 2023, Zyber 365 is a Web3 and AI-based operating systems startup headquartered in London with operations in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Despite its relatively recent creation, Zyber 365 has been hailed as the fastest unicorn in India and Asia, with a valuation of $1.2 billion. (Also Read: Why RBI took action against Paytm Payments Bank? See what Governor Shaktikanta Das says)

Pearl Kapur’s Success Story

Pearl Kapur, founder and CEO of Zyber 365, owns 90 percent of the company’s shares, which translates to a notable net worth of $1.1 billion. (Also Read: RBI’s Big Announcement on Loan Processing Fees and Documentation Charges for MSMEs – See Here)

A graduate of the MSC Investment Banking (CFA Pathway) from Queen Mary University of London, Kapur is recognized as an innovator in the space of Web3 technology.

Previous companies

Prior to Zyber 365, Kapur’s business background included roles as financial advisor at AMPM Store and business advisor for Antier Solutions. He founded Billion Pay Technologies Pvt Ltd in February 2022.

Kapur envisions a future where the combination of exponential technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, along with sustainable practices, empowers the masses. He calls this vision Globalization 3.0, with the goal of revolutionizing the way technology impacts society.

Investment and financing

Recently, Zyber 365 raised $100 million in Series A funding, with 8.3 percent of the investment coming from SRAM & MRAM Group, an agribusiness company that recognizes the immense potential of Kapur’s startup.

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