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From Investment to Income: An investment of Rs 5-7 lakh in this business idea could generate monthly returns of Rs 1.5 lakh

New Delhi: In the area of ​​balanced diets, juices often play a silent but important role, as they are full of essential nutrients and hydration. As India witnesses a rise in health awareness, juice shops not only offer fruit and vegetable blends but also protein shakes, tapping into a lucrative market for health-focused consumers.

Juice business: essential requirements

To start a juice corner, it is essential to obtain permission from the food authority of the municipal corporation. Once the regulatory aspect is resolved, setting up a store involves renting a space in the market and equipping it with the necessary machinery, such as fruit blenders, slicers and refrigerators. (Also read: 10 IITians at the helm of the world’s leading technology companies)

Juice business: audience

While targeting a broad audience is essential, catering to specific demographics, such as gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts, can improve business prospects. (Also read: ‘Return to office or…’: TCS issues final warning to employees working from home)

Offering special offers and promotions for this segment and strategically locating the store near gyms can increase visibility and attract health-conscious customers.

Juice business: investment details

Starting a juice corner can prove to be a profitable venture, requiring an investment of around Rs 5-7 lakh for store essentials. The juice market remains strong throughout the year, making it an attractive business opportunity.

Juice business: profit margins

The profit margin in the juice business can vary, but typically ranges between 50 and 70 percent of each glass of juice sold.

Juice business: profits

For example, one day’s sales totaling Rs 10,000 could generate a net profit of around Rs 5,000, depending on factors such as sales volume and operational efficiency.

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