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New BMW 7 Series protection launched in India: check out all the details

BMW Group recently introduced the latest BMW 7 Series Protection in India. This Vehicle is available exclusively from today with a gasoline engine and as a Completely Built-Up Unit (CBU). It should be noted that the new BMW 7 Series Protection is designed for people with a special need for protection. Let’s delve into the details of this extraordinary Vehicle.

New BMW 7 Series Protection

As the company claims, the BMW 7 Series Protection comes with a very high level of protection against ballistic attacks and explosions. It offers personalized protection against attacks with firearms or explosives, serving people at risk. It has been classified as a VR9 class protection provider, meeting strict international standards for ballistic and explosion resistance. In particular, its glass protects against high-caliber ammunition, guaranteeing maximum safety.

Vikram Pawah, President, BMW Group India, commented: “For over 45 years, BMW has set the standard in armored vehicle design and development. The new BMW 7 Series Protection manages to combine an unrivaled protection concept with exceptional levels of ride comfort and spaciousness, exceptionally advanced equipment features and the class-leading dynamic prowess for which the brand is renowned. This is a new type of protection vehicle that meets the highest standards of ballistic protection and individual requirements. Although this is a protection vehicle, you will immediately forget it the moment you sit inside and experience its exceptional luxury.”

BMW 7 Series Exterior protection

The core structure of the BMW 7 Series Protection is based on a unique protection architecture called Protection Core. This heavily armored inner core surrounds the entire cabin and invisibly provides unprecedented protection to its occupants. It forms a self-supporting protective cell that is then combined with protective doors, underbody armor and safety glass.

The visual highlight on the exterior is the in-line lighting that impressively displays the BMW Kidney ‘Iconic Glow’, whether standing still or while driving. When disabled, the technology is not visible. The headlights are divided into two parts. At the top are the daytime running lights, completed by BMW Crystal headlights.

New BMW 7 Series protection launched in India: check out all the details

Below are the LED headlights for high and low beams. With BMW Effortless Door, the car provides motorized assistance for opening and closing the doors. The new BMW 7 Series Protection is equipped with 20-inch alloy wheels as standard. PAX tires have an anti-puncture ring placed on the rim that allows the car to continue its journey up to 80 km/h even in case of complete loss of pressure. Optionally, cars can be equipped with emergency exits on all doors in case it is necessary to leave the vehicle quickly. The support for BMW flags and BMW flashing lights and beacons are also available as an option. The details and design of the interior can be adapted to personal needs and desires at the level of detail.

BMW 7 Series Interior Protection

Inside the BMW 7 Series, the innovative BMW Interaction Bar defines the revolutionary design of the driving position. Passengers in the second row of seats in the new BMW 7 Series Protection benefit from the standard BMW Sun Protection blinds with electric drive for the windows on both sides. The 1265-watt digital amplifier, individually adjustable equalizers and 28 speakers combine to deliver full, consistent sound to everyone on board. The standard Intercom system allows vehicle occupants to communicate with people outside without having to open doors or windows.

New BMW 7 Series protection launched in India: check out all the details

The optional Executive Lounge includes comfortable seats with a recline function for the rear seat behind the front passenger. The BMW Travel & Comfort package, available as an option, improves the overall experience of rear seat occupants. Another item on the options list is a BMW cooler box integrated between the rear seats to ensure onboard drinks stay cold. The new BMW 7 Series Protection has the latest generation V8 engine under the hood. Its BMW TwinPower Turbo technology includes an upgraded turbocharger system with an electrically actuated bleed valve and indirect charge air cooling, along with a transverse exhaust manifold.

New BMW 7 Series protection launched in India: check out all the details

Protection performance of the BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series Protection comes with the new 4.4-liter eight-cylinder engine. It uses 48V mild hybrid technology to optimize power delivery and efficiency. The car produces a power of 390 kW / 530 HP and a maximum torque of 750 Nm. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 210 km/h. The new BMW 7 Series Protection features the latest generation of BMW iDrive with “QuickSelect” and the BMW 8.5 operating system. The advanced display and operating system offers a redesigned input screen and “QuickSelect” access with an improved menu structure geared toward consumer electronics devices.

The new input screen permanently displays the map view of the navigation system or other screens that can be individually configured. The BMW Maps cloud-based navigation system now offers not only an augmented view on the information display behind the steering wheel, but also improved functions for even more precise navigation optimized for the charging station.

BMW Efficient Dynamics includes features such as an 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission, Auto Start-Stop, ECO PRO mode, Brake Energy Regeneration, Electronic Power Steering, 50:50 Weight Distribution, Driving Experience Control Switch and many others. innovative technologies.

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