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Return to office or…: TCS issues final warning to employees working from home

New Delhi: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is back in the headlines. This time for a strict ultimatum to his employees. The company reportedly issued a final warning, urging its staff to return to the office at the end of March. Failure to comply could have serious consequences, according to reports in the Economic Times.

TCS employees have been given an extra quarter, till March lockdown, to return to office work. However, this extension comes with a clear message: it is the last chance. (Also Read: BHIM Payments App Offers Cashback Up To Rs 750: Here’s How To Avail It)

According to media reports, TCS appears to be taking a zero-tolerance stance towards any further delay in returning to in-person work. (Also read: 10 IITians at the helm of the world’s leading technology company)

NG Subramaniam, COO of TCS, highlighted the seriousness of the situation. He reiterated that there will be severe repercussions for employees who do not resume office duties within the specified time frame. This stern warning underlines the seriousness of TCS’s stand in this regard.

Subramaniam cited two main reasons behind the company’s decision: the importance of work culture and safety concerns. TCS aims to eliminate vulnerabilities associated with remote work, including cyber threats, and restore its pre-pandemic work environment.

TCS seems determined to move away from the hybrid work model adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, the company is committed to restoring the traditional office-centric approach to improve employee interaction and facilitate organizational growth.

The decision to call employees back to the office is also motivated by concerns about the negative consequences of prolonged remote work.

Subramaniam highlighted the reduction in employee interaction as a major challenge, pointing out its adverse effects on organizational success. TCS aims to address these issues by encouraging face-to-face interactions to build a stronger workforce.

This recent move by TCS follows its October 2023 decision to end its hybrid work policy, forcing employees to return to the office five days a week.

The change came after reports of ‘moonlighting’, in which employees were found to be working for multiple companies simultaneously, clouding the perception of the work-from-home policy.

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