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Tata Steel’s Kalinganagar and Meramandali plants in Odisha receive Responsible Steel certification

Tata Steel TV global chief executive Narendran leaves after a session giving evidence to lawmakers at the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain, January 31, 2024. REUTERS/Toby Melville | Photo credit: TOBY MELVILLE

Tata Steel’s Kalinganagar and Meramandali plants in Odisha have received the prestigious Responsible Steel certification, according to a company statement.

Responsible Steel is a global multi-stakeholder standards and certification initiative that works with steel producers, consumers and intermediaries to build a sustainable steel industry by addressing pressing challenges including climate change, diversity and human rights, it said.

Their certification process involves a detailed review of key policies and on-site work by an independent third-party evaluator.

Tata Steel CEO and CEO TV Narendran said, “The Responsible Steel certification for our plants is a testament to Tata Steel’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. It reflects our proactive approach to addressing the evolving challenges of the steel industry and shaping a better tomorrow. “We are making good progress towards our goal of certifying all our existing steel manufacturing plants in India by 2025.” Three facilities in Jamshedpur (Steel Mill, Pipes and Cold Rolling Division (Bara)) received certification in October 2022.

In India, Tata Steel now has more than 90% of its steel production at Responsible Steel certified sites, the statement said.

The inclusion of the Kalinganagar and Meramandali plants reaffirms the company’s dedication to responsible business practices and environmental management, he said.

Annie Heaton, CEO of Responsible Steel, said that with the audit process for these two new site certifications, Tata Steel has demonstrated its commitment to advancing its social and environmental responsibilities.

The Responsible Steel Standard goes beyond managing a site’s environmental impacts and aims to support sites to ensure the wellbeing of site workers and local communities, Heaton added.

Tata Steel was India’s first member of Responsible Steel and is being evaluated under the Responsible Steel framework for its various plants.

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