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The new Renault Duster is revealed: with new platform, updated interiors and off-road equipment

Renault has presented the new Duster SUV. Last year it was already presented as Dacia. Now the Renault version has made some small changes to its appearance, as you can see in these images released by Renault.

The new Renault Duster has introduced some changes that you may notice in this new Renault Duster. The front has the word “Renault” written instead of the usual logo. This is what the Dacia version looks like. The company also changed all the Dacia logos on the SUV to read “Renault.” Inside the car, the seat and other parts have slight differences in their appearance.

Renault Duster: platform, dimensions, design.

The new Duster is built on a robust platform and still looks tough. It is a little longer than the previous model, measuring 4.34 meters and has a more ferocious appearance. They will also manufacture a seven-seater version, like the Dacia Bigster concept, but it will come out later. The wheelbase of the Renault Dusters is a little shorter than before, at 2,657 mm.

Like the Dacia, the Duster features a slender Y-shaped LED daytime running light, vertical air vents in the bumpers with round fog lights and a lower grille that resembles a flattened crash bar. The vehicle is equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels with a simple design, and the rear is adorned with a Y-shaped taillight and a bumper design reminiscent of the Dacia Duster.

Renault Duster: interior highlights

The dashboard is two-layered and has a similar look, but the Renault version has its own style of trim and seat upholstery. The center section is oriented towards the driver and the top model comes with two digital screens: one 7.0-inch to display driver information and the other is a 10.1-inch touchscreen for entertainment. Although Dacia and Renault Duster have the same size screens, they use different styles and colors for their display menus.

Both Duster SUVs share features like wireless charging, wireless connectivity for Android Auto and Apple Car Play, automated air conditioning and six-speaker Arkamys with 3D sound system.
They also have advanced safety features such as automatic braking in emergencies; detection of vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles; traffic sign and speeding alerts; rear parking assist; lane change warnings and assistance, and more.

The new Renault Duster is revealed: with new platform, updated interiors and off-road equipment

Renault Duster: powertrain

There are no updates on engine types for the Duster yet, but it is likely to have the same three engine options as its Dacia counterpart, two of which are hybrid options. The first is a 1.6-liter hybrid gasoline engine with two electric motors and automatic transmission. It includes a 1.2 kWh battery that can power the car using only electricity for most urban driving. The second engine is a 1.2-litre 130PS turbocharged petrol engine with 48V starter motor. Additionally, a 1.0-litre petrol-LPG engine will be available in some locations, but there will be no diesel version available.

Renault Duster: off-road equipment

The Duster has different driving modes such as Auto, Snow, Mud/Sand, Off-Road and Eco. This SUV sits 217 mm off the ground and can lean 31 degrees forward and 36 degrees backward without touching the ground.

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