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Zomato summoned for alleged false practice of delivering food from iconic restaurants

New Delhi: A Delhi court summoned Zomato in response to a civil suit seeking a restraining order against the company. The suit aims to stop Zomato from allowing users to order “hot and authentic food” from “iconic restaurants” in the national capital.

During the court proceedings, a plea filed by a Gurugram resident alleged that Zomato was involved in a “false and fraudulent” practice. The complaint specifically focused on Zomato’s subcategory ‘Dilli ke Legends’, which supposedly offers fresh food from renowned restaurants. (Also read: SpiceJet plans to lay off 1,400 employees as cost-saving measure; details here)

In a recent order, civil judge Umesh Kumar stated, “Issue suit summons and notice of application.” (Also Read: UPI payment services launched in Sri Lanka and Mauritius; PM Modi attends virtual ceremony)

According to the statement, Sourav Mall placed an order on October 24 last year from three different restaurants located in Jama Masjid, Kailash Colony and Jangpura. He later tracked down the delivery partner and discovered that the order was picked up from an “unknown and unnamed” location, rather than the original restaurants.

“Why was the food picked up from a nearby location when there is no branch of the partner restaurant there? Why is the food not delivered in the original packaging of the partner restaurant? What is the guarantee that the food has been prepared by the restaurant? What is the guarantee that the food is prepared fresh and hot?” the allegation said.

The statement also highlighted the “inexplicable” nature of Zomato’s ability to deliver from iconic restaurants in Delhi to locations in Gurugram and Noida within 30 minutes. The statement also added, “Such representation to Zomato users, customers or patrons is in fact aimed at misleading the general public.”

The plea was filed as a “representative complaint” on behalf of numerous affected persons under the Civil Procedure Code (CPC). The case is scheduled to continue with additional proceedings on March 20. (With input from PTI)

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