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Bhakshak Review: Bhumi Pednekar is Fantastic in Pulkit’s Intense Story of Orphanage Abuse – News18

Bhakshak Review: In recent times, Hindi cinema has entered the zone of social relevance. Like public service announcements, films provoke discussion about the many ills of our society. Director Pulkit, known for works like Maroon and Bose: Dead/Alive, is back with Bhakshak. The film, which will premiere on Netflix on February 9, revolves around orphaned girls who are sexually abused in a foster home. One look at the film and you will know that Pulkit’s film may not exactly be novel. We have seen Indian cinema tackle themes like this before.

However, what elevates the film from the mundane are two magnificent performances, delivered by an excellent cast. Bhumi Pednekar is a fantastic journalist in a decrepit city in Bihar. Like Vaishali Singh, married for six years, her sister and brother-in-law pressure her to have a child. Her husband is tolerant and lets his wife work, a journalistic passion that translates into breaking news about the most vulnerable points of society. When he comes across a home for abandoned girls where the man who runs the place, Bansi Sahu (Aditya Srivastav), beats them (with lit cigarettes), beats them and rapes them, his investigative energy begins to flow. Helping her is her cameraman, Bhaskar Sinha (Sanjay Mishra), who is equally adept at acting as a sounding board for Vaishali, although he is constrained by a secured role.

From the beginning we know how the story will develop, and this makes the plot seem a little boring. Pulkit, who co-wrote Bhakshak along with Jyotsana Nath, doesn’t fill the story with enough meat. For example, we know very little about Bhaskar outside of his professional life. Another equally unimpressive character is a policewoman, Jasmeet Gaur (Sai ​​Tamhankar). Sai doesn’t seem fit to play the role of a big cop in a small town. We know she wields a lot of power and influence, but she seems so colorless!

However, Pulkit beautifully captures the sounds, smells and atmosphere of a small town. His lead actress doesn’t have any halo around her; She is a natural, playing a simple girl but with a burning curiosity and a dogged determination to right her wrongs. And, with virtually no support in a city that not only tolerates but also encourages criminals, Vaishali crosses several hurdles with remarkable ease, proving that small television channels play an important role in exposing weaknesses and flaws. evils of a community.

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