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BIGHIT MUSIC Briefly Comments on Producer Pdogg’s Dating News with Meteorologist Kim Ga Young

BIGHIT MUSIC has offered a brief statement regarding reports that Pdogg is dating meteorologist Kim Ga Young.

On February 13, Pdogg’s agency BIGHIT MUSIC released an official statement in response to reports claiming that Pdogg and meteorologist Kim Ga Young are in a romantic relationship. They said: “It is difficult for us to confirm details about our producer’s private life.”

Born in 1983, Pdogg is a producer affiliated with BIGHIT MUSIC, a HYBE label. He has produced hit songs for several HYBE groups, especially gaining recognition for his work with bts.

Born in 1989, Kim Ga Young made her debut as an OBS meteorologist after graduating from Sookmyung Women’s University’s dance department. She currently works as a meteorologist for MBC and appeared on the SBS program “Shooting Stars” last year as a member of FC Wonder Woman.

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