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Case on Mahesh Babu’s movie: Motivate more!

Plagiarism is a hot issue in the film industry and this reached a new peak with Mahesh Babu’s Srimanthudu. Writer Sharath Chandra is making a potentially winning argument against Koratala Siva over allegations of plagiarism in Srimanthudu. By the way, these accusations against Mahesh Babu’s film are giving rise to more intense accusations against other films.

What is observed here is that when a film with Mahesh Babu goes to court over an allegation of plagiarism, one can only wonder what the situation is with other hero films.

Plagiarism is a hot topic in the industry and many films face these accusations later. But the conventional method is for these matters to be resolved outside of court.

But now that Mahesh’s blockbuster has reached court, it has prompted other filmmakers to lead the charge against plagiarism allegations. Srimanthudu, in a way, has created a new tradition in the Telugu film industry with other writers.

This is a current issue, regardless of the authenticity of the case, as certain filmmakers choose to file cases just for attention and temporary gains. This is likely to happen in Tollywood too sooner rather than later, with Srimanthudu setting a precedent.

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