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Devara Release: Producers Make Costliest Mistake

Devara Release Date Update

Devara’s release was announced for April 5 even before going on the sets. After going to the sets, the team announced that the film has a very long duration and needs Two parts. The team also confirms that there is no change in the release date of Devara. April 5 was the biggest release date for any major film, with a two-week rolling holiday and a summer season. Fans and audiences felt it was great planning on the team’s part.

Devara Promotions

The team began continuous promotion, releasing the first looks of the main actors. A quick look was released before Sankranti and was well received. The makers screened the glimpse in all the theaters on Sankranti, which received a strong response. Everyone felt the film was on track for an April 5 release.

Postponement of Devara release

After the sneak peek, just a few days later, the team confirmed that the possibility of releasing it on April 5 is not a possibility. There’s a lot more shooting balance and delayed CG VFX work. Anirudh is also delaying the songs of the film. With all this, it is known that Devara has no chance of hitting the theaters on April 5. With this, the Family Star takes the date by obtaining confirmation from the team.

The film is produced by NTR production and Yuvasudha Arts. The makers are making the costliest mistake by not officially announcing the postponement of the release of Devara. They remain silent, which frustrates fans. The team has yet to make an official announcement regarding the postponement of the launch. The team should also set the release date as the other movies are already announcing release dates on the best dates. If the team delays the release date, they lose the good release date. A film like Devara has to announce the release date a few months before as it is an all-India release.

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