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Did Death in Paradise just answer fans’ big question about Florence?

death in paradise Spoilers for episode 2 of season 13 follow.

death in paradise Fan favorite Florence Cassell (Joséphine Jobert) returned to the show in the final episode of season 13, but not in the way fans expected.

The former Saint Marie detective sergeant appeared in an old photograph that Neville (Ralf Little) took while visiting Commissioner Selwyn (Don Warrington) at his home.

“The old gang,” he commented, commenting on Florence and the other two subjects in the photo: Camille Bordey (Sara Martins) and Dwayne Myers (Danny John-Jules).

The commissioner and Neville spoke briefly about Florence in particular before moving on to the latest murder at a nursing home.

That’s all. That’s all the fans enjoyed. A quick exchange before the show moved into the main action.

However, despite getting to the point, their conversation was loaded with provocative clues that could hint at Florence’s return.


Is Florence Cassell returning to Death in Paradise?

To answer this, we must first address the elephant in the room, namely that death in paradise just confirmed that Florence is under witness protection.

The last time we saw Jobert’s character, she was leaving the island in search of a new beginning.

Her undercover case as an au pair for the son of murderous drug dealer Miranda Priestly (that name just radiates bad vibes), had made life in Saint Marie dangerous for Florence.

Even with Miranda (Victoria Ekanoye) trapped and behind bars, Florence felt it was safer for her to leave the island and all its bad memories, which included being held at gunpoint and the death of her fiancé in season eight.

As it turned out, she wasn’t the only one who felt it was risky to stay.

When Neville inquired after his well-being and happiness, inquiring if the Commissioner ever heard from him, Selwyn stated dryly:

“She’s under witness protection, that’s all we both need to know. For her safety.”

shantol jackson, ralf little, death in paradise, season 13


This new piece of information should indicate that she will not be returning to the show… But if that were the case, why mention her?

*Slips enthusiastically into Neville detective mode.*

It’s unlikely that the show will use the mention of Florence as a mere plot device to explore the idea of ​​witness protection in the active case they were currently investigating in this episode’s Murder of the Week.

So it clearly means more.

In episode two of the news series, this isn’t even the first time we get a glimpse of Florence, again, through Neville’s presumed longing for her.

During the season’s debut episode, Neville could be seen looking longingly at a photograph of her.

This moment is what made fans initially wonder if Florence could return to the show.

The Florence-related clues seem like a harbinger of a return on the horizon.

death in paradise


Fans will remember that Neville had admiration for the DS, but was rejected when she told him she saw him only as a friend.

Still, their affection for each other ran deep and their emotional farewell was heartbreaking.

Almost as heartbreaking as the severity with which Neville’s heart was crushed in season 12 when he fell in love with a ruthless criminal who did a good job of luring him into a relationship and pretending to love him only to leave him devastated when the truth came out.

Her betrayal has had enormous consequences for Neville, leaving him afraid to embark on a romance or even trust in that ability again.

He death in paradise The Christmas special, however, hinted at a change for him.

Although he was still very nervous at the thought of loving again, his mother’s arrival helped break down some of Neville’s defenses, leaving him more open.

ralf little, death in paradise, season 13


Speaking about the possibility of him finding love again, Little said:

“We join Neville at the beginning of this series and he is very emotionally hurt by what happened at the end of the last series.

“And then he has to try to find love, and he has to be persuaded to believe in love again, which is a very profound journey for him.

“Because when he first came to the island, he was too nervous to live a full life, and emotionally he’s back in the same place.

“So maybe Neville will have a happy ending.”

If anyone could persuade him to get back to the “same place emotionally again,” it’s Florence who he interestingly thanked at the end of season 11 when she said:

“You have made this island a home for me.”

Could you encourage him to feel that way again?

Fast forward to season 13 and Neville, pining over photographs of Florence, suggests there’s a possibility.

neville parker and florence cassell, death in paradise


We know it didn’t work out the first time he professed his feelings for her (much to fans’ disappointment), but what if death in paradise does it mean correcting that wrong?

Jobert already hints at a possible return to the franchise in the spin-off beyond paradise.

Although Shipton Abbott is a long way from the sandy beaches of Saint Marie, their universes have collided and they could once again have Florence as a catalyst.

At least death in paradise It’s definitely fanning the flames of a possible Florence return, and what’s more, it’s hinting that it will be directed by Neville.

new episodes of death in paradise airs Sundays at 9pm on BBC One. The main show and its spin-off,beyond paradiseboth are broadcast on BBC One and streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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