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Every John and Jane Smith Couple on Amazon’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith (And Who Plays Them)

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for Mr. and Mrs. Smith.




  • The Amazon series “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” is a remixed version of the 2005 film, in which Donald Glover and Maya Erskine play spies in an arranged marriage for a mission.

  • The main characters, John and Jane Smith, discover that there are other couples like them in the secret agency known as “Hihi”, selected based on compatibility using an AI-generated engine.

  • The series reveals John and Jane’s true identities, highlighting their compatibility as opposites, while also introducing other couples and high-stakes power couple agents played by Wagner Moura and Parker Posey.

Amazon’s new action comedy series Mr and Mrs Smith features more Jane and John Smith secret agent characters than meets the eye. Starring Donald Glover and Maya Erskine, Mr and Mrs Smith is the first television adaptation of the classic 2005 film starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The series is much more like a remixed version of the original than a remake, as it draws inspiration from the basic premise of the 2005 film while also enhancing certain qualities that offer a more realistic and realistic take on the concept. Jane and John Smith are two spies who agree to an arranged marriage..

As the series develops, the main John and Jane Smith discover that there are other couples who are like them, who belong to the same secret agency referred to as “Hihi” in the series. Johns and Janes trade their lives as they know them to become agents of the mysterious company., which has expectations of high-risk actions with very little margin for error. The characters of John and Jane are paired based on compatibility assessed by the entity “Hihi”, which appears to be some type of AI-generated engine created by an advanced algorithm.


Jane and John’s True Stories and Identities in Mr. & Mrs. Smith Explained

John and Jane’s true identities are revealed at the end of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, showing the key elements that made them so compatible from the beginning.

3 Donald Glover and Maya Erskine

The main protagonists of Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Donald Glover and Maya Erskine are the main protagonists of Mr and Mrs Smith whose relationship and association in the missions are everywhere narrated. Glover’s John has military experience, but was discharged from the Marine Corps due to a combination of asthma and anxiety. Erskine’s Jane was a CIA candidate before failing her psychiatric evaluation, which indicated she showed signs of antisocial and sociopathic tendencies. Both Jane and John, whose real names are revealed to be Ilana and Michael at the end of Mr and Mrs SmithJoin the Hihi program in search of a better life.

Although Mr and Mrs smith Exceptional casting, there are only three couples who are revealed to be participants in the series’ Jane and John show. Donald Glover’s John and Maya Erskine’s Jane apparently don’t seem very compatible at all and even reveal later in the series that they didn’t think they’d find a connection from the beginning. Glover’s John has high expectations for some of the traditional aspects of marriage, including children, while Erskine’s Jane is more concerned about binge eating. Naked and scared with his cat to start a family. As it turns out, They discover that they are compatible because they are essentially opposites.

2 Wagner Moura and Parker Posey

Super High Risk Power Couple

Wagner Moura as John Smith and Parker Posey as Jane Smith having dinner in episode 4 of Mr & Mrs Smith

Wagner Moura and Parker Posey are revealed to be another John and Jane couple who have worked for the Hihi company for over 15 years. As incredibly experienced agents operating exclusively at the super-high risk level, they reap the lucrative benefits of their extremely dangerous professions, resulting in the elimination of another John and Jane Smith. Wagner’s John is pleasant and charming on the surface, while Posey’s Jane also seems fun and sophisticated, making them a seemingly natural couple. As Glover’s John and Erskine’s Jane discover, Moura and Posey’s characters are anything but friendly.

There are suggestions everywhere. Mr and Mrs Smith that point to other possible agents of John and Jane, such as Paul Dano and Michaela Coel’s characters. Dano, who was suspected of being a villain or even Hihi in the series, turned out to be just a friendly, nosy neighbor who takes an interest in Glover and Eskrine’s characters because he loves their beautiful house. Coel is revealed to be a secret agent, but she apparently works alone for a separate rival company, as she does not have a counterpart to John in the series. Moura and Posey represent the highest level of the company whose job is solely to kill other agents..

A fourth John Smith character is mentioned, but is not shown on screen in the series.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith Immediately Prove Action Star Casting Was a Total Lie with 28-Year-Old Horror Stunt

Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s opening twist repeats an actor’s marketing stunt in a classic horror movie, disappointing fans who were hoping to see more of the A-lister.

1 Alexander Skarsgård and Eiza González

Engaged at the beginning of the series.

Eiza González as Jane Smith in Mr. and Mrs. Smith episode 1

In what is the biggest provocation of all in the Mr and Mrs Smith amazon series, Alexander Skarsgård and Eiza González are revealed to be in a John and Jane partnership although they only appear in one scene. The series begins with Skarsgård’s John and González’s Jane enjoying the view in the remote countryside only to end up both dead at the hands of armed enemies. While it would have been exciting to see more of John de Skarsgård and Jane de González in the Mr and Mrs Smith Amazon series, their untimely deaths lay the necessary foundation for how dangerous their line of work is before the audience meets Glover and Erskine’s characters.

Poster for the television show Mr and Mrs Smith showing Donald Glover and Maya Erskine looking back at a car with bullet holes in the windshield.

Mr and Mrs Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a television adaptation of the 2005 film starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Donald Glover and Maya Erskine take on the series’ lead roles as spies who are placed in an arranged marriage for a covert mission only to develop real feelings for each other.

Release date
February 2, 2024


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