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“FIX IT PERMANENTLY” Trends as Fans Alleged HYBE Removed Credits from BTS’s Jungkook’s Standing Next to You MV and Other Videos on YouTube

On February 3, 2024, fans of BTS’s Jungkook began trending “fix it permanently” hashtags on social media, alleging that HYBE LABELS removed the idol’s song/music credits. standing next to you music videos and other videos on YouTube channels including HYBE LABELS and BANGTANTV.

Fans claim that this is not the first time they have faced such an ongoing crisis and claim that similar incidents have occurred in the past.

They are demanding answers from Big Hit Music and Geffen Records, and have even contacted YouTube’s helpline services to investigate the root cause of the repeating issue and why it specifically affects Jungkook.

‘STOP STEALING THE CREDITS’: Fans Want BTS Jungkook’s Agency to Take Action Over Persistent Issue

Jungkook released his successful debut and studio album, GOLDENon November 3, 2023, igniting the K-pop industry with rhythmic and released tracks standing next to you as main theme. Since the song’s release, fans have noticed hiccups on HYBE LABELS and BANGTAN TV’s YouTube channels.

Various videos related to standing next to you have been shared and fans allege that someone from the agency is removing the music and song credits from the music video, choreography, remix performance, live performance, dance practice, and lyric video.

They are tagging the official accounts of YouTube, Team YouTube, Big Hit Music and Geffen Records, urging them to investigate the matter and trending the following statement. User @Daily_JKUpdate wrote in X:

“@YouTube @TeamYouTube once again MISSING music/song credits in Jungkook’s ‘Standing Next to You’ MV, Choreography, Live Performance, Dance Practice, and Lyric Video. Watch this, add song credits songs correctly!”

Fans also accused HYBE of allegedly removing song credits from the standing next to you Music video on social networks. User @JKRadioupdater shared a statement from TeamYouTube, stating that the channel owner is responsible for removing credits for the song’s music video, choreography, dance practice, lyric video, and more.

As song credits continue to be removed, fans are worried why the issues only occur in golden maknae-related videos on YouTube channels. They demand an official statement from the agency. One user stated:

“According to previous responses from @TeamYouTube, the CHANNEL OWNER is the one who enters and removes the credits from the #StandingNextToYou mv, the choreography mv, the dance practice and the lyric video.”

The user continued:

“It is necessary to analyze why this is only happening to Jungkook, repeatedly, since the release of Seven and especially with its title track. We shouldn’t have to do this every month, sometimes waiting WEEKS for it to be rectified.”

Jungkook’s fans want the issue to be fixed permanently and are protesting, urging HYBE to take immediate action on social media. Here are some reactions from X fans:

The BTS member is currently serving his mandatory military service and is expected to return to the entertainment industry in 2025.

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