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Goo Hye Sun loses lawsuit against her former agency for unpaid fees

Actress Goo Hye Sun (39) lost her lawsuit against her former agency for unpaid appearance fees and more, even in the second trial.

On February 8, the Civil Division 5 of the Seoul High Court confirmed the dismissal of Goo Hye Sun’s lawsuit for damages of more than 170 million KRW (127,586 USD) against her former agency. HB Entertainmentconfirming the decision of the first trial.

However, the court did not provide a detailed explanation for its ruling.

In 2019, Goo Hye Sun expressed her dissatisfaction with HB Entertainment’s business management, particularly its apparent prejudice towards her ex-husband. Ahn Jae Hyun (36 years old), both before and after his divorce. This led to her terminating her exclusive contract in August of the same year.

The dispute between Goo Hye Sun and HB Entertainment was finally resolved through arbitration at the Korea Commercial Arbitration Board. As part of the resolution, instead of terminating the exclusive contract entirely, Goo Hye Sun agreed to pay the agency 35 million won for expenses related to creating content for her YouTube channel.

Following this payment, Goo Hye Sun initiated legal action, seeking compensation for YouTube channel appearance fees, editing expenses, music usage fees, and advertising revenue. However, the first trial did not rule in his favor on these claims.

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