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HyunA and former Highlight member Junhyung spotted on a date at a mall

HyunA and former Highlight member Junhyung were spotted on a date at a mall.

According to reports on February 8, HyunA and Junhyung were seen having fun at a mall in Gangnam. An eyewitness claimed that the celebrity couple didn’t seem to care about the stares they received or the attention from fans as they held hands.

The alleged witness said, “The two were holding hands and looking inside a store. They were dressed casually. Because they were honest and bold in revealing their relationship, they didn’t seem to mind people staring.”

As previously reported, HyunA went public with her relationship with Junhyung on Instagram, and Junhyung himself also confirmed the news later. Many netizens have been questioning the relationship due to the past controversy and her breakup with her long-time boyfriend. Sunrise in November 2022.

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