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Inside Charles’ 30-minute meeting with Harry after King delayed the helicopter to Sandringham so he could welcome his son

King Charles spent 30 minutes with his estranged son Harry on Tuesday, their first meeting in 16 months.

The Duke flew more than 8,000 kilometers from the United States to London after his father’s cancer diagnosis, reports Sun.

The Duke of Sussex, 39, landed at Heathrow at lunchtime after a ten and a half hour night flight.

He was rushed to London while Charles, 75, delayed a helicopter flight to Sandringham so they could hold their first meeting in 16 months.

The King was said to be “very well” and “completely in his normal state.”

A friend who saw His Majesty said: “If you didn’t know there was something wrong with him, you wouldn’t know.”

Another Palace source said the King was “in his usual good form” and “a little frustrated that his condition has affected not only his own plans but also those of others.”

William, 41, did not join his father or brother in war.

Sources said the Prince of Wales had “no plans” to see Harry during his visit to the UK.

In an unusual move, Charles left his helicopter waiting so he could personally greet Harry at his London home, Clarence House.

Sources said the King made a “significant” decision to delay his travel plans after his son’s gesture to fly across the Atlantic at short notice.

Their meeting was thought to have lasted just over half an hour, with Harry and his entourage leaving Clarence House about 45 minutes after arriving.

It was the first time he and Charles had met privately since the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022, although they have been in telephone contact.

Charles seemed happy with the reunion as he was photographed for the first time since the Palace announced his cancer diagnosis on Monday.

He smiled alongside Camilla in the back of the State Bentley as they waved to the crowds on the short journey between Clarence House and Buckingham Palace.

The King and Queen finally left the helicopter from the Palace gardens an hour later than planned.

Palace sources say he will split time at his country residences and return to London for meetings, business and outpatient treatment for his cancer.

A source said: “Charles always keeps a tight schedule and had a planned itinerary to leave London to rest and recover in Norfolk.

“He is very particular about timekeeping, but it was significant that he delayed the flight to Sandringham when he knew Harry was visiting.”

The source added: “After all, the Duke of Sussex had flown in from California at short notice and accepted the gesture. “There are reasons for optimism.”

Sun understands that there are no plans for Harry to spend time with the King at Sandringham.

Harry didn’t stay at any palace last night and may have booked into a luxury London hotel.

He has not had any base in the UK since the Sussexes’ eviction from Frogmore Cottage last summer.

Harry is not expected to spend much time in the UK and will return to the Montecito home he shares with wife Meghan and children Archie, four, and Lilibet, two.

He had made it known that he wanted to visit his father this week after the King called him to inform him of the diagnosis of shock.

On Monday afternoon US time, the Duke of Sussex was photographed leaving Los Angeles Airport and his flight landed at Heathrow at 12.30pm.

“The cause of optimism”

A convoy of four vehicles took him to London while Charles and Camilla, 76, prepared to leave for Sandringham.

Royal protection officers are believed to have been part of the team escorting the duke, who is no longer a royal.

He has claimed it is unfair and illegal to remove armed police protection from him when he visits the UK and is suing the Home Office.

As their convoy headed to London, the courtiers had begun to prepare for the king and queen’s departure to Sandringham.

The State Bentley arrived at Clarence House at 1.20pm to pick up the King and Queen.

But by then Harry had barely left Heathrow, 15 miles away.

It meant the original plan for the royals to leave early was postponed to allow Harry’s convoy to arrive on time.

At 2pm, police escorts also entered Clarence House to join the King’s car on the short journey to Buckingham Palace.

The luggage had been packed and was believed to be in vehicles heading separately to Sandringham by road.

At about this time, the King’s helicopter left its base at RAF Odiham, Hants.

It was photographed landing in the Palace gardens at around 2.25pm.

While the helicopter was waiting for the King and Queen, Harry’s convoy was spotted several miles away on the A4 in Kensington, west London, at 2.30pm.

Fifteen minutes later, the four vehicles arrived through the gates of Clarence House, with Harry, dressed in black, pictured sitting in the back seat of a van.

The King was ready to leave, but he delayed his departure so he could greet his son, it is understood.

After their meeting, Harry’s convoy left Clarence House at around 3:30 p.m.

The chauffeur-driven State Bentley then took Charles and Camilla to Buckingham Palace.

Crowds of supporters gathered at the Palace gates to cheer the King and Queen as they arrived.

The couple were then escorted to the King’s helicopter, which took off from the palace garden at 3.46pm for the short journey to Sandringham.

It landed 185 kilometers away, on the Norfolk estate, at 4:20 p.m.

Sources said that instead of catching up with his brother, William remained in Windsor, where he is caring for Kate, who is recovering from abdominal surgery.

She also looks after her three children, George, Charlotte and Louis, at Adelaide Cottage.

William will return to work today, attending an investiture at Windsor Castle and a London Air Ambulance gala.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and was reprinted with permission.

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