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Joey Bada$$ Fans React to Character’s Surprise Return in ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’

Joey Bada$$ has made his return to Book of Power III: Raising Kananand fans couldn’t believe their eyes after the Flatbush rapper announced his departure more than a month ago.

When Joey Bada$$ reappeared in the Raising Kanan end of seasonwhich premiered on STARS Thursday night (February 8)Fans took to social media to show their amazement.

One user couldn’t help but post spoilers for the spectacular finale and posted on X (formerly Twitter): “Lou tried to commit suicide. Kanan kills Ronnie. Raw kills Howard. Unique is still alive. Yes, I spoiled it for you. So what. Raising Kanan is the best of all the Powers, including the original. I said it so you don’t have to.”

With Unique towering over Ronnie’s cold corpse, viewers at home could see Joey Badass standing in his black hoodie, face scarred across his forehead, right eye barely open, looking directly into the camera to indicate his surprising return.

Other responses to 50 cents-The ending produced has ranged from euphoric to speechless, resorting to GIFs as the only form of reaction.

One fan stated: “This is how you make a season finale”, while another fan has already started looking towards the next episode: “Kanan killed Ronnie, Raq killed Howard, then Unique appears from the dead… Yes, the season 4 is about to get serious!”

On the other hand, a more skeptical fan stated that he knew Joey had been lying from the beginning..

“Listen, I love him in everything except what Joey said,” the commenter wrote. “Until I see a single NOT dead body. (shrug emoji) The writers made me think of Lamar#BMF He was dead too and he wasn’t. Playing with my emotions and shit. “Ion trusts all of you, fuck it (laughing emoji).”

Some users pointed out that Unique even foreshadowed their return: “So they forgot the ep. when UNIQUE said ‘UNTIL THAT BODY APPEARS HE’S NOT DEAD.’”

Last month, Joey Bada$$ revealed that he was as disappointed as his fans to discover that his character had been taken from the popular 50 Cent movie. Force universe.However, the Pro Era MC also offered insight into what led to his departure from the show.

“Unfortunately, I have two careers that I’m balancing,” he said. “So I had to go on tour and we just couldn’t make it work. So they had to eliminate Unique. Although who knows. “Maybe we can start a petition or something and tell 50 Cent to bring me back.”

In an interview with PEOPLE, BADMON reiterated the same sentiment.: “This type of role was something I refrained from playing for a long time because I just didn’t want to be pigeonholed into a drug dealer type actor because I was a rapper. “I felt like that was very close to home.”

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