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“Kanye West Didn’t Drop Vultures”: Rapper’s Most Anticipated Album With Ty Dolla Not Releasing on Streaming Platforms Sparks Online Meme Festival

Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign were supposed to release their much-delayed debut album. vultures, on February 9, 2024 via the ¥ stamp. However, on the day of the album’s long-awaited release, neither artist nor their label made any releases.

The album was expected to be released at midnight on February 9, 2024, with the duo performing at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, in what was supposed to be a countdown event to the album’s release.

Since then, the non-release of the duo’s album has once again gone viral and sparked a meme fest on social media, as exemplified by the following tweet:

Netizens react to Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s failure to release vultures

Netizens were quick to react to Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign’s failure to release their debut album once again, taking to social media, particularly X, to express themselves.

Most Internet users expressed their frustration and sadness through memes:

Originally, Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign were scheduled to release the album on December 15, 2023, but Nicki Minaj refused to allow the use of her sample on the new body, the album was delayed until January 12, 2024.

Then in January 2024, it was revealed that the album’s music and songs were still being recorded.

Now the album has been delayed once again. The album was first revealed to be in the works in mid-2023, with an anonymous source close to West stating to NBC on August 25, 2023 that the singer was working on the album and:

“New music is imminent.”

Later in the year, Ty Dolla $ign gave more details about the album on November 12, 2023 while performing at a show:

“I just landed on a flight from Saudi Arabia. I’ve been recording a part of my album with my brother Ye, and that will be very soon.”

In addition to the delay in its release, the album has already been involved in controversy over its cover photo, which is an interposition of the landscape with graves painting by Caspar David Friedrich on a black border.

The cover has been compared to the black metal project Burzum, known for its neo-Nazi leanings, as well as its direct links to Nazism, due to the painter in question being one of Adolf Hitler’s favorites. , the Führer of the Nazi Third Reich.

Kanye West has continued to spark controversy since then, with the singer wearing a Klu Klux Klan hoodie at a listening party in Miami during Vultures, Volume One where he appeared on stage alongside Chris Brown, Kodak Black, Offset and more.

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