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“Keith still has what he loves: meatloaf”: The Rolling Stones have reportedly “reduced” their passenger requests

In the past, the Rolling Stones loved to be waited on hand and foot. However, they seem to have become much less demanding as they get older.

Talking with him daily star in its cabling In this column, bassist Darryl Jones reflects on how the group has “reduced” its users’ requests. “It has changed over time, before there was a huge billiard room,” he remembers. “They made a room with curtains and things like that. We had the racing video game benches, where you sit, that were available for a while.”

While the younger, more passionate Stones would take advantage of their celebrity status, their requests have dwindled in recent years, Jones explains. “Keith still has what he loves: meatloaf,” Jones says. “There’s so much food backstage that the keyboard player and I have our own accompanist.”

The Stones may be calming down, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have strange requests long after their heyday. In an interview with Bill Maher about the Random Club with Bill Maher podcast Last year, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich revealed that the band was told not to make eye contact with Mick Jagger when they supported the Stones at two of their shows at Oracle Park in San Francisco in 2005.

“So we were sitting backstage, and – and this is in no way a judgment on the Stones, it’s really more about us – at one point a personal assistant or whatever comes up and says, ‘Mick Jagger is going. to stop by here in a In a couple of minutes, he will go to his private gym in his van and warm up before the show. When he passes by here, please don’t look him in the eyes or talk to him,” Ulrich recalls (according to high wire).

“I had dreams where I thought: We were going to play with the Rolling Stones and we were going to spend the whole time in Keith Richards’ hotel room, sitting at one of those legendary parties until 9 in the morning. : I’ll be the last one to leave! he continues. “It wasn’t exactly like that.”

The Rolling Stones will set out on their way Hackney Diamonds tour later this year. The tour will see the rockers visit 16 cities in the United States and Canada. Tickets are available through Rolling Stones official website.

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