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Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt talk about their battle with alcohol on the 35th anniversary of ‘Daddy’: ‘I stopped drinking after the birth of my daughter Shaheen’ | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Pooja Bhatt had made his debut in Hindi cinema with ‘Dad‘led by his father Mahesh Bhat. The film revolved around a daughter helping her father in his battle with alcohol, since that is the only thing that keeps them apart. She starred Anupam Kher along with Pooja. The film turns 35 and did you know that like most of Bhatt’s films that come from his own personal experience, ‘Daddy’ was no different?
In an interview with Indian Express, Pooja and Mahesh He talked all about ‘Dad’ and recalled memories about him. Pooja recalled how her father offered her the film. He told her that he is not interested in casting Pooja, but that there is a role of a 17-year-old girl in the film in which she might qualify. When Pooja did not respond to him within 24 hours, he told her, “Okay, I will choose Dimple Kapadia’s daughter.” That’s when Pooja agreed to do the film.
Bhatt revealed that ‘Daddy’ was born from his own personal experience. He really liked alcohol and his wife soni He would tell her to quit when she was pregnant with Shaheen, however, Mahesh didn’t listen. When Shaheen was born and returned home, one day he was quite drunk and hugged her trying to kiss her. But the newborn baby turned her face away. Is when bhatt decided to stop drinking. He said that people couldn’t believe that Mahesh Bhatt could stop drinking, but he did, without any doctor, rehabilitation or pills. He simply abandoned him and the story of ‘Dad’ was born.
Pooja She played the role of that girl who stopped her father from drinking. Ironically, Pooja found herself battling an alcohol problem at the age of 44. She finally stopped drinking after advice from her father.

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