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New Below Deck Boatswain Jared Woodin Isn’t Expected to Last Through Season 11 – Dexerto

Je’Kayla Crawford

After a chaotic performance in the first episode of Below Deck season 11, viewers think Jared is about to be fired.

Below Deck season 11 just premiered and was the first chance for viewers to meet the yacht’s newbies.

With more than a handful of new stars, all eyes are on them to see if they can handle the pressure of successfully completing each contract and filming a reality TV show in the process.

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One person who caught viewers’ attention instantly was new boatswain Jared Woodin…and not exactly in a good way.

After a major mishap with the host and spending most of the episode trying to find a pair of pants, viewers begin to believe that he is not the boatswain Captain Kerry Titheradge is looking for.


Is Below Deck’s Jared About to Be Fired from Season 11?

On February 4, BD viewers came to reddit to predict that Jared will be fired and replaced in the coming episodes.

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One fan wrote: “I’ll be surprised if this bosun lasts more than 2 episodes. I feel like they deliberately hired someone incompetent so they could add some drama by making Ben a boatswain.”

Another fan chimed in: “The quick boatswain replacement story is getting really old.”

When it comes to the BD franchise, there are only two outcomes for this situation.

He could be like Adam Kodra, who made so many mistakes during his time on Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under that captain Jason Chambers had no choice but to fire him.

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Or, Jared could end up being treated like Lily Davidson from Below Deck Med season 8. When she started slipping left and right, she was given time to grow and ended up finishing the season successfully. Viewers will soon find out which route Captain Kerry takes.

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