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Shark Tank India 3: Vineeta Singh gets emotional after receiving a letter from her teacher; she says, “Sir, I don’t know if I made you proud, but I am very grateful”-Times of India

Shivani and Harnehmat launched their letter sending business on Shark Tank India, seeking 36 lakhs for 4% equity. Aman and Vineeta…
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In the latest episode of Shark Tank India, three interesting companies pitched their ideas and raised funds for their businesses. One of the moments that caught the attention of many was the emotional and heartfelt part of the Shark Tank India judges. Shivani and Harnehmat co-founded a company that aims to encourage people to write letters, come to the show and gift letters to the sharks written by their family members. Reading the letters from their loved ones brought tears to their eyes. However, Vineeta Singh was the one who could not resist and broke down upon reading a letter from her teacher.

Vineeta reveals that the professor was the one who encouraged her to become an entrepreneur and not look for conventional jobs. While she was talking about the same, she read the letter and got emotional. She later thanked her teacher for all the love and support she gave her. Aman, on the other hand, received a letter from his daughter and was very emotional reading it.

Peyush Bansal, Ritesh Agarwal and others also received letters from their relatives. Later, Vineeta asked the co-founders to explain her business. Both Shivani and Harnehmat spoke about her business and the reason why they started it. Then they mention that their request is 36 lakhs for 4% of the share capital of the company.

After learning about the company, Aman mentions that he cannot relate or connect with the business idea. He even mentions that he is not sure and that for now he does not want to invest in the company. Later, Peyiush says that he feels that the company is followed more by passion and less by business and that is why he is not very sure about investing in it. He even gives them the idea of ​​opening a stationery brand and writing letters can be an extension of that.

Ritesh Agarwal spoke to the co-founder and decided to invest in the business. He offered 36 lakhs for 6% share capital of the company. Shivani asked Ritesh to close the deal at 5%. However, Ritesh denied it and put a condition. He asked them about his goal for the year. Shivani explained that his target is around one million rupees in this financial year. Ritesh then said that if they successfully achieve the target this year, he will return 1% of the equity to them.

The two accepted the challenge and signed the deal with Ritesh Agarwal. Apart from Vineeta, Aman, Peyush and Ritesh also received some emotional letters.

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