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Shark Tank India’s Vineeta Singh on having celebrities as brand ambassadors: “We have done equity partnerships with Ranveer Singh and Kareena Kapoor”

In an exclusive interview, Shark Tank India’s Vineeta Singh revealed how the show has been quite an inclusive platform, especially for women.

Vignette SinghVineeta Singh on having Bollywood celebrities as brand ambassadors. (Photo: Vineeta Singh/Instagram)

Recently, Shark Tank India veteran Vineeta Singh (Co-Founder and CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics) spoke to and shared how the show was a great medium for the startup ecosystem. Vineeta also explained why it is important for them to have celebrities as brand ambassadors.

Talking about Shark Tank India being an inclusive platform, Vineeta shared, “Today, Shark Tank is the most inclusive investment platform in the world. In all our portfolios, 50 percent is allocated to women. Typically in other ecosystems, it is 2 to 2.5 percent. People who don’t come from an educational background or classical cities are something you can’t see. Today, the venture capital ecosystem has become diverse. “I don’t think that will change in the next decade.”

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While Vineeta Singh has had stars like Tamannaah Bhatia and Ranveer Singh as brand ambassadors for Sugar Cosmetics, Vineeta also explained what are the key dynamics and factors that come into play when Bollywood meets business. She said: “10 years ago, what used to happen was that brand ambassadors would do a TV advert and then forget about the brand. But today, celebrities see that this ecosystem in India is evolving so fast that in the next 20 years, all the action will happen here. Even they want to partner with brands, we have done equity partnerships with Ranveer Singh and Kareena Kapoor Khan.”
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Vineeta further explained, “The reason why celebrities want to do this is because they also think that in the next 25 to 30 years, if they want to grow, it is important not to do smaller annual contracts but to play the long term where the brand grows, Its capital also grows. Nowadays, Bollywood celebrities are also very evolved and see whether there is ownership or not, they maintain an engagement on social media throughout the year and do not forget the brand after an announcement. “They don’t want to miss out on this vibrant startup ecosystem.”

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During the fun conversation, Amit Jain, Ritesh Agarwal and Aman Gupta also joined Vineeta Singh. When asked among the ‘sharks’ who was the most annoying, Aman quickly took Vineeta’s name and shared an incident where he made Ritesh change his shirt, after which everyone burst out laughing.

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