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The Ministry of the Interior and Security uploads funny parody videos of IU’s “Love Wins All”

Recently two parody videos of IU’s pre-releaselove wins everything“have attracted a lot of attention in various online communities.

Amid the Lunar New Year festivities, online communities are talking about two parody videos inspired by IU’s pre-release song, “Love Wins All.” These videos were uploaded to the YouTube channel of the Ministry of the Interior and Security and were humorously titled “Sure wins everything.

In the first episode, two individuals are seen running through the forest, similar to IU and V in the music video “Love Wins All.” At first it seems like they are running away from something until the actress asks: “But why do we run?” The actor responds: “It’s the Lunar New Year, so when we offered ancestral rites, we drank some sacrificial wine. “We can’t drive drunk, so we have to run home.” The two then continue running home.

The video continues with a warning explaining: “During the Lunar New Year holidays, traffic accidents increase 1.2 times compared to usual. Sure wins everything.

In the second video, viewers witness a heated exchange between the wife and her husband as they debate which side of the family to visit first during the Lunar New Year holiday. In the middle of their discussion, they are depicted sitting next to a pot of water heated by a butane gas stove. Tension rises when the man in the first video decides to document the altercation with a video camera, only to realize that the butane gas is emitting smoke. The actor warns: “Noona, the pot!” and an explosion occurs.

The video continues with another warning explaining: “55% of Lunar New Year holiday home fires are due to minor negligence.” again ending with the message “Safe wins EVERYTHING.”

After watching the video, Korean netizens found the parody funny and witty. They commentedhahaha, what is this?” “This is very annoying but it’s clever”, “This is very funny”, “I thought the actress was Kim Sook but it wasn’t”, “Safe wins everything, hahaha, that’s hilarious “. “These are good videos”, “This is so funny”, “Seriously lol”, “This is such a funny and clever parody” and “This is crazy. ha ha ha. Crazy hilarious.”

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