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This aquatic horror film is based on the work of Lovecraft and its trailer is spectacular – Softonic

HP Lovecraft is one of the most relevant horror authors in history, and thanks to him we have works as adapted as The Call of Cthulhu, At the Mountains of Madness or The Shadow Over Innsmouth. His presence in cinema has been irregular, but he has left us a multitude of cult works. And, obviously, he will continue to be one of the great inspirations for future filmmakers.

The latest film inspired by his stories is Gods of the depths, a low-budget horror film directed by Charlie Steeds that promises a gripping story of underwater cosmic horror. Taking as a reference the writer’s best underwater stories, he has created a unique story that is worth taking a look at:

Cosmic and underwater terror to the rhythm of Lovecraft

Gods of the Deep will be released next week in the United States, although it does not yet have an international distribution date. The film features unknown but promising actors Makenna Guyler, Kane Surry, Rory Wilton and Derek Nelson in the cast.

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