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Monday, February 26, 2024
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TXT’s Taehyun makes a generous contribution to celebrate his birthday

In celebration of his birthday on February 5 KST, TXT (Tomorrow by Together) member Taehyun donated 25 million won to the Fruit of Love Community Chest from Korea. This gesture is a sincere expression of gratitude towards their fans and aims to support culturally disadvantaged young people.

The donation will go towards educational and mentoring initiatives, helping marginalized youth expand their exposure to various cultural industries such as film, literature and art. By fostering their creative skills, these projects aim to empower youth in need.

Since their debut in 2019, TXT has become a leading figure among Generation Z artists, known for their trend-setting music and dynamic performances. Notably, the group achieved significant success in the US, ranking third in CD sales last year and becoming the first K-pop act to headline the renowned American music festival. lollapalooza Chicago.

In addition to this charitable event, TXT will host a live event for fans titled ‘2024 TXT FANLIVE PRESENT.’

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