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Why is Wednesday’s Season 2 delayed until 2025?

The first season of Netflix. Wednesday became one of the streaming service’s biggest hits when it premiered on November 23, 2022. Not only did it benefit from director Tim Burton’s celebrated style, it made Jenna Ortega a star and even launched a dance craze on social networks. based on the main character’s now iconic moves at his high school rave. Perhaps most importantly, she delivered a fun and respectful update on the beloved Addams Family franchise by sending her oldest daughter to boarding school Wednesday and letting her fend for herself for the first time. In light of all that, it may be a little surprising to learn that season 2 of Wednesday There is currently no release date.

With shot to Wednesday Season 2 isn’t scheduled to begin until April, and post-production will likely be a lengthy process considering the show’s abundant special effects, the second season is outside of the service’s fall schedule and will debut no earlier than 2025. It’s a big wait for a successful program. especially since the second season was announced in January 2023, shortly after the resounding success of the first season. The reasons for the delay are due to several factors, most of which stem from necessity or things outside of production. Here’s a breakdown of all the pertinent reasons for the delay of Season 2 at the time of writing and the ways they have presumably affected the release date of the hit series.

Jenna Ortega to serve as producer on Wednesday season 2


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Wednesday Friday Addams

Carlos Addams

New York caricature

August 26, 1944


Wednesday star Jenna Ortega explains what makes season 2 ‘really, really exciting’

Jenna Ortega discusses Wednesday’s second season and what she especially likes about playing Wednesday Addams.

The series simply couldn’t exist without Jenna Ortega, who serves as the undisputed centerpiece in almost every scene. The actor quickly made Wednesday Addams his own, stepping into the long shadow left by Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in the live-action Addams Family films of the 1990s. While Lisa Loring may have been the first Wednesday real action in The Addams Family In the 1960s television series, Ricci still offers one of the definitive versions of the character.

It is very clear that Ortega is the most important factor in the series, which is reflected in her status as producer starting with season 2. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ortega cited how often actors are left out of the process (especially younger actors and women) and wanted to make sure their ideas about the character were heard in a collaborative environment. This involves a lot more work, as her duties as a producer add to the demanding needs of a lead actor. It also requires a lot of effort from the beginning, as the scripts are prepared and the stories of the second season are established.

It comes in the name of an improved final product, and since Ortega is absolutely necessary for the series to work, getting more information from her sooner bodes well for the second season. Unfortunately, there are still only 24 hours in a day, and pre-production schedules can be expanded simply for the very busy star to fit everything in. The slowdown can’t help but affect the other delays that also affect the series.

Wednesday’s filming location has changed for season 2

Wednesday text messages on Wednesday



5 Ways Lisa Loring Is Best Wednesday TV (& 5 Ways She’s Jenna Ortega)

Jenna Ortega brought Wednesday Addams back to television in the eponymous Netflix series, but how does she compare to Wednesday’s original, Lisa Loring?

Wednesday Season 1 was filmed in Romania, which helped achieve the gothic look of the series and provided other benefits to the production. Season 2 is changing venues and although details are scarce, a November 13, 2023 article in Deadline cites “logistical challenges” in Romania that led to production shutdown. That may not be surprising considering widespread rumors that season 2 will involve a big change in location in the universe, with Nevermore Academy still closed after the season 1 finale and Wednesday returning to its family property.

As production needed a different look and existing logistical problems became thornier, Romania was probably no longer a good fit for what Wednesday has in mind. Plans were afoot to move production even before the Hollywood strikes and other delays. Instead, Wednesday Season 2 will film in Ireland and production will begin in April if all goes as reported. The series’ press kit quotes executive producer Steve Stark, who filmed his series. vikings in Ireland and knows the parameters involved.

This type of change involves inevitable delays, as equipment and staff need to be relocated from Romania, new sets built, and new accommodations made for cast and crew. This is in addition to the already overwhelming needs of obtaining work permits and similar paperwork required when settling in a new country. Logistics in Ireland will presumably be able to better adapt to all of that, but it still takes time. The April 2024 start date was probably the earliest reasonable timeline considering all the factors involved.

WAG and SAG-AFTRA strikes caused industry-wide delays

Felicia Day and Summer Glau protest during the 2007 WGA strike by M;Cookies Current on Flickr


Netflix’s Wednesday series will receive its official Blu-ray release

Wednesday’s Season 1 will be one of the few Netflix series to be physically released.

Hollywood was hit by a pair of major labor strikes in 2023: one for the writers union and another for the actors union. What was at stake was most of the profits for content creators, as well as the looming issue of artificial intelligence in the media. The WGA was the first to walk away, with the work stoppage beginning on May 2, 2023. The WGA did not reach an agreement until September 27, 2023, tying it for the second-longest strike in the union’s history. . SAG-AFTRA did not go on strike until July 14, but took a few more weeks to reach an agreement, which they signed on November 9, 2023.

The agreements were hard-won and much-needed, but they also caused a six-month delay. That will make 2024 a comparatively light year for entertainment, as both studios and creators absorb lost time and get back up to speed. It can already be seen in calmer movie release schedules, shifts in release dates, and similar developments across pop culture. Wednesday has not been spared that number, and the timing of the attacks all but sunk any chance of the series returning in 2024. The good news is that the additional time should result in a more polished final product. The importance of the strike does not go unnoticed on Wednesday writers and cast, without whom there would be no show.

Production is likely to be longer than normal

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in Wednesday.


This Addams Family villain would be perfect for Wednesday’s second season

Wednesday’s Season 1 was full of memorable villains, but her real nemesis comes from the Addams Family movies and would be perfect for Season 2.

The production schedule for Season 1 took more than seven months, from September 2021 to March 2022. The series itself did not premiere until almost eight months later, presumably due to post-production work and an adequate amount of time to promote the series. Season 2 will likely take at least as long, and possibly longer, especially if they have plans for a bigger or more complicated plot. Considering the wait and the need to top the huge success of the first season, there will likely be a lot more logistics and planning involved.

Rumors have abounded about whether the Addams Family estate will appear in Season 2, which will require the construction of new sets. Any new similar location will require the same. All of which probably means a shoot at least as long as the first season, and probably quite a bit longer. Even if seven months is an accurate criterion, an April 2024 start would last at least until the end of October, with post-production stretching well into the new year. In addition to the other delays, Netflix wisely decided to keep the show out of its fall 2024 schedule rather than rush into an inadequate production.

At the time of writing, the exact release date is still unknown. Netflix could choose to release it in early 2025 to minimize any further delays, or wait until the fall, which worked wonders for Season 1. Either way, the confluence of events that kept WednesdayThe long-awaited second season on hold was inevitable and, in many cases, necessary. Hopefully, that will pay off with a strong and successful second season.

Wednesday’s first season is currently streaming on Netflix.

Wednesday Netflix Poster


It follows Wednesday Addams’ years as a student as she attempts to master her emerging psychic ability, thwart a murder spree, and solve the mystery that entangled her parents.

Release date
November 23, 2022

Alfred Gough, Miles Millar

Jenna Ortega, Hunter Doohan, Percy Hynes White, Christina Ricci

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