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Zeenat Aman turns one year on Instagram: ‘No agents, no managers, no purchased followers’

Zeenat Aman is celebrating one year of being on Instagram. The veteran actress became a favorite among fans and new followers of her with her authentic and candid posts, where she wrote about various anecdotes from her decades-long career in Hindi cinema. On Sunday, she posted two new photos and celebrated her one-year anniversary on her Instagram. (Also Read: Koffee with Neetu Kapoor and Zeenat Aman: 5 best moments from the episode)

Zeenat’s latest post on Instagram

Zeenat Aman shared a new picture on Instagram.

Zeenat wrote a long caption that began: β€œPeople assume that transformative experiences are the prerogative of young people. My experience tells me the opposite. 365 days ago, my kids convinced me to upload my first Instagram post. That small leap of faith forced me to face my deep technological fears and my even deeper need for privacy. Then he gave me a transformative year.”

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She further talked about how she managed the account by herself. β€œHe showed Me the possibilities of being true to myself, publicly. No agents, no managers, no purchased followers – just the kids and I improvise! Oh, and what children they are. If you’re wondering how I navigate Instagram or know the latest slang, the answer lies in my small informal group of millennials,” she wrote.

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She then thanked the team: the photographer, makeup artist, and hairstylist who helped her along the way. Concluding her caption, she wrote: β€œSo, here’s a thought from this septuagenarian: Transformations demand that we embrace the unknown. And there really is no age limit to transform your life. PS: Like my first post, this one was also filmed in my garden by @tanya.agarwall_ yesterday. The clothes are from my closet and of course I did my own hair and makeup. Happy first anniversary to you and me. Please eat a piece of cake in my name today.”

Fan reactions

Reacting to her post, one fan commented: β€œYou have brought a cultural change to this platform. It’s been amazing having you on Instagram, Zeenat ji!! A second fan wrote: β€œA year after one of the most eloquent divas shared snippets of her life. You add grace and beauty to the platform.” One comment read: “A year of knowing grace, humility and wonder.”

Zeenat will be seen in the upcoming film Bun Tikki. Produced by Manish Malhotra, the film also features Shabana Azmi and Abhay Deol.

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