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424 is back: its new store is tangible proof

Luxury streetwear brand 424 has a new home on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles and the space is as exciting and immersive as the clothing and community it already contains.

Opened in early February with an exclusive party that brought together a host of 424 VIP fans, the brand’s new storefront on Melrose draws on the history of the original center on Fairfax Ave. Its literally cavernous, bare-bones aesthetic is in line with provocative aesthetics. of 424 itself.

Located at 8441 Melrose Place, the new store marks the long-awaited return of 424’s physical retail space. The original store in Fairfax closed in 2022 after 7 years of serving as a launching pad for 424 founder Guillermo’s streetwear legacy Andrade.

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The new 424 house, designed in collaboration with innovative design studio Zoo as Zoo, aims to “go beyond the superficial to evoke emotions of curiosity and discovery in clients,” according to a statement, and tangibly reflects the original vision de Andrade for the brand.

“We wanted the Melrose Place Storefront to be a reflection of 424’s design approach: a harmonious convergence of disparate elements,” said Andrade, who also oversees creative direction at a young New York boutique. ESX.

“Collaborating with Zoo as Zoo allowed us to translate our brand philosophy into a physical space that not only showcases our products but also immerses customers in a fascinating and harmonious environment.”

So, the end result is a den of textures that you’ll really want to explore and maybe get inspired along the way. And you know, buy something.

The new 424 store looks like an alien headquarters straight out of He mandalorianalbeit with basic luxury items lining the walls.

Like 424, the store is edgy without being ostentatious and achingly cool, reflecting a new form of brutalist punk fashion that designers like Betsy Johnson and Berlin-based 032C have created.

It’s a manifestation of the 424 resurgence that’s been in the air for some time, as Andrade rediscovers her position at the forefront of clothing that epitomizes youth culture.

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