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Adobe’s First Full Interactive Dress Debuts on Christian Cowan’s Runway in New York

Here comes Adobe’s interactive dress, Project Primrose.

Remember the real life interactive. Adobe dress called Primrose project? The first one completed wearable garment debuted on the runway on February 11, 2024 during New York Fashion Week at Christian Cowan’s FW24 show. He adobe interactive dress It forms two parts: the upper part consists of 1,264 laser-cut and hand-crafted polymer scattered liquid crystal petals that change and flip their appearance as the model walks, and the lower part composes 14 pieces of shining stars, all of them They share the same silver tone. .

Images and video photos courtesy of Adobe and Christian Cowan.

Hidden in plain sight, the adobe interactive dress hides a flexible printed circuit board beneath each column of petals to allow Project Primrose to alternate and switch between shades of gray and ivory. Adobe’s investigation Scientist and engineer TJ Rhodes with Project Primrose co-developer Cristina Dierk United christian cowan in her New York studio to finish Adobe’s first interactive dress before it made its runway debut for her FW24 show. As Adobe explains, the design team used its internal tools to make the fashion technology work.

adobe primrose interactive dress project
Adobe’s interactive Project Primrose dress debuts on the runway during Christian Cowan’s FW24 show

Adobe tools make the Primrose project work

Adobe’s own tools laid the foundation for the design process. TJ Rhodes and Christian Cowan sat down and worked with Adobe Illustrator to trace the flexible printed circuit boards and petal positions and sketch out the alternating sequence patterns. They turned to Adobe After Effects to animate the Project Primrose dress with motion graphics, giving it interactive life. While the duo collaborated on the set’s technology, Christine Dierk and the fashion team sewed the hand-crafted, laser-cut polymer dispersed liquid crystal petals and printed circuit boards into Adobe’s interactive dress.

adobe primrose interactive dress project
Adobe’s interactive dress has 1,264 liquid crystal petals scattered with laser-cut and hand-crafted polymers.

How did Adobe’s Primrose interactive clothing project start?

Adobe’s interactive dress, Project Primrose, rose to fame after its debut during the Adobe MAX conference in October 2023. Christine Dierk introduced the dress, wowing the audience as she demonstrated the 1,182 moving sequin-like petals, sewn to hand. Adobe has since told the story behind the development of Project Primrose, dating back to 2013. Back then it was not a dress but a sweater that could change its appearance with the weather, which later evolved with the creation of Project Glasswing in 2017. , a translucent box with a screen that displays animated designs in front of an object inside, such as splashing water.

adobe primrose interactive dress project
The Project Primrose dress hides a flexible printed circuit board beneath each column of petals.

After the development of Project Glasswing, TJ Rhodes and Gavin Miller, head of research at Adobe and one of the inventors of Primrose, knew they could face technological challenges in making an outfit that worked with an animated design and also one that was lightweight and portable. . . That’s when Christine Dierk, then a UC Berkeley graduate student and summer intern at Adobe Research, stepped in, whose expertise in wearable technology, textiles, and hardware prototyping helped propel Project Primrose toward a real-life incremental model.

adobe primrose interactive dress project
Adobe’s interactive dress switches between shades of gray and ivory

Immersed in the process, the Adobe Research team developed a bag with the moving petals of the Primrose Project to test its complex prototype, since the bag integrated curved surfaces. This allowed the team to address curves, folds, flexible fabrics, and movement issues before remaking Adobe’s interactive dress. They used Adobe Illustrator to design a pattern to fit the dress’s complicated electronics.

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