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aespa’s Ningning officially named new Versace global ambassador

aespa‘s Ningning She is officially the new face of Versace!

On February 8, luxury fashion house Versace announced aespa’s Ningning as its new global brand ambassador.

Versace creative director Donatella Versace described Ningning as “a brilliantly talented star and a wonderful person,” adding: “She has a strong and confident vision, incredible energy and talent, and she looks incredible wearing our clothes. “I am delighted to welcome Ningning as a member of the Versace family.”

Ningning reciprocated the enthusiasm, stating, “Versace is a brand that supports people to express themselves creatively, especially those who express themselves confidently in the music industry. For this reason, I am very excited and excited to be the Versace brand ambassador. Every time I wear Versace, I feel empowered by their unique style and attitude. I hope others can also show their confidence through Versace.”

Congratulations to Ningning!

Look “Synk Road by Aespa” below:

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aespa's Ningning officially named new Versace global ambassador

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