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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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All the outfits Zendaya has worn to promote the ‘Dune’ franchise, ranked from least to most daring

  • Zendaya is widely recognized as a fashion superstar thanks to her bold and experimental outfits.
  • She has worn many of her most daring looks while promoting the “Dune” franchise since 2021.
  • This is how we would rank them from least to most daring.

Zendaya is a fashion superstar.

From her Met Gala looks to her street style, it seems impossible for her outfits to fail.

And that’s largely because she loves taking risks and experimenting with original clothing, many of which she wore while promoting the “Dune” franchise.

Here’s a look at those outfits, ranked from least daring to most daring.

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