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Christian Cowan Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear: An Ode to the Stars

Christian Cowan used his fall 2024 collection to look inward at his brand, offering a mature take on his signature design codes while also paying tribute to his late father.

“I grew up in a very scientific family,” Cowan said during a preview of the collection. “(My father) would get me telescopes and we would look at the patterns of the stars and I have always seen fashion and astronomy as the same thing, because in astronomy you are basically looking at points in the sky, but it is your imagination and the infinite possibilities. I think fashion is very similar in the sense that you can look at a dress or a suit or whatever and imagine these endless possibilities for yourself and the character it gives you and this confidence, which is something I see in all of my clients. ”

Cowan took astronomical inspiration head-on by leveraging her signature star motif for large sequins and studs seen on a wide range of party looks: a silver microskirt paired with a cropped mohair and leather jacket, a dazzling suit paired with cuts or a red dress. matching set. More understated styles used the motif in a pinstripe-like pattern, such as on a cropped backless jacket and low-rise pants. The styles stayed true to Cowan’s signature bold style and showcased the designer’s ability to create bold, youthful silhouettes that are as fun as they are inventive each season.

While these looks showcased Cowan’s affinity for a bold look, the designer also offered pieces that were more refined, such as a sheer blouse with billowing sleeves paired with a high-waisted ’50s-style skirt or a fitted red silk dress accented with mohair trim. Both styles, as well as her other simpler looks, showed a more mature Christian Cowan woman, but one who still likes a good party.

“I wanted this entire collection to be, quote-unquote, ‘wearable,’” Cowan said. “I wanted a lot of styles that people I know and love, whether they’re family members or whoever, can wear them and feel amazing. It is a luxury, everything is done very beautifully.”

Overall, Cowan showed off his craft as a designer with the collection’s range and gave viewers a tantalizing glimpse into what the future of his brand could be.

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