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Eckhaus Latta Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear: Contemporary Clothing Wrapped in a Mood

Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta have created some memorable runway experiences, having performed shows in a Lower East Side community garden, on a trail along the East River, during COVID-19, and at the abandoned Essex Street Market, for name a few.

But this season they slowed things down and presented their fall 2024 collection in an empty warehouse with singer Loren Kramar creating a melancholic atmosphere as models walked, very slowly, through the space.

On the runway, the collection was purely professional, as in the business of selling cozy outerwear, fuzzy cardigans, washed denim and slinky knit dresses with an undertone of sex in the revealing cuts, sheer capes and added details.

Standout looks included the brown spiral-cut pencil skirt and beige faux fur trimmed cropped jacket that opened up; washed corduroy pants with mushroom pleats paired with a ribbed knit vest and an irresistible furry boa; bright oxblood pants with a matching front jacket in an intriguing corrugated texture and a black slip with car wash pleats.

It wasn’t his most transporting collection, but he had a lot to draw on on a daily basis.

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