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Engineered garments are bringing Gola back to its glory days

Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki has delved into the Gola archives for the pair’s latest sneaker collaboration to uncover the Ranger, an archetypal silhouette from the British brand’s glory days.

First released in the mid-1970s as a retro sneaker, the Ranger was one of Gola’s most popular silhouettes during that era, thanks primarily to its then-innovative multi-layered outsole.

For this collaboration, Engineered Garments pays homage to the original Ranger construction while maintaining most of what made the shoe so popular, including functional eyelet tabs and premium leather lining.

The EG x Gola sneaker will arrive in three colorways: Khaki/Rhino, Brown/Khaki, and Ash/Grey, each of which will be available exclusively at New York and online starting February 9.

This release follows Engineered Garments’ debut Gola collaboration from late last year in which the former took on the the latter’s Sentry sneaker.

Originally released to celebrate Gola’s centenary in 2005, the Sentry was produced in limited quantities throughout 2005 and then shelved, ahead of Engineered Garments’ three-piece capsule in October 2023.

For Gola, the 1970s remains arguably the brand’s most successful era in terms of popularity, and also a time when it was considered one of the UK’s leading sportswear brands.

While that’s not the case today, Suzuki’s Engineered Garments is at least giving us a taste of the Gola of yesteryear. And you know what, it actually tastes really good.

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