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​From pregnant model to baby-carrying model: Collina Strada pays tribute to girl power at New York Fashion Week – Times of India

It’s that time of year again, ladies: fashion week season is right around the corner and our trip takes us straight to JFK Airport, bound for New York Fashion Week. As we immerse ourselves in the show, we witness a fashion renaissance, where the lines between birth and rebirth blur, leaving the audience to reflect. With literal babies and baby bumps gracing the runway, we find ourselves witnessing a new chapter in the world of fashion.

At the forefront of this evolution is designer brand Collina Strada, known for its self-expressive design ethos and commitment to sustainability. His latest collection seamlessly blends ’90s psychedelic prints with modern, wearable pieces, all infused with powerful feminine energy. Hilary Taymour, the creative force behind the brand, brings back a sense of girl power that is palpable throughout the show. The sight of one model confidently walking down the runway with a baby, or another proudly showing off her baby bump, epitomizes the casual yet innovative nature of this high-caliber event.

As the show unfolds, we are treated to a show of force, both literal and metaphorical. Cloth dumbbells, voluminous muscle shirts, and the iconic strains of Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” soundtrack the proceedings, propelling the fashion show to new heights. Founded in New York, Hilary Taymour’s brand not only showcases the latest trends but also serves as a platform for social awareness. Her advocacy for environmental protection and women’s empowerment resonates strongly and promises a future in which these causes will take center stage.

The presence of stunning supermodels like Irina Shayk, who have appeared in some of the biggest fashion shows of the past, serves as a beacon for embracing natural bodies and life-transforming processes. Little by little, the fashion world is recognizing that motherhood is a radiant jewel that adorns any woman with grace and beauty.

In essence, as we witness the convergence of fashion and social consciousness at New York Fashion Week, we are reminded that true innovation lies not only in innovative designs but also in embracing diversity, inclusion and celebration of life in all its forms.

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