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I keep seeing this shoe trend in Paris and New York; It’s now everywhere at M&S ​​and Zara

In my years as a fashion editor, I’ve honed some very specific skills, my favorite of which is a keen eye for emerging trends and details. This has led me to understand the subtle signs that can indicate the value and potential of a new season purchase. These signals usually arise from my daily searches for new sections of designer and high street brands and deep dives on Instagram where I search for the most stylish styles, as well as my frequent trips to an office full of stylish people. With this healthy mix, I find myself, if I do say so myself, in a unique position to comment on the trends most worth taking advantage of.

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With this in mind, there’s a new spring shoe trend on my radar that, after spotting more and more online and in real life, I’m desperate to tell you about. Appearing among the influencers, editors, and stylists I look to most for inspiration, the buckle shoe trend is the new season style I’m rooting for this season.

Jessie Andrews styles Miu Miu buckled slingbacks with yellow socks.

Introduced by Miu Miu’s Now Iconic Buckle Strap Slingback Shoes, which celebrities saw non-stop last year, the buckle-detailed trend has become one of the most popular on the market. Adopted by high street favorites including Mango and M&S, the trend indulges in sharp lines and a gungy tone, creating a wearable shape with a fresh-feeling finish.

Miu Miu slingback shoes with buckle in black @emnitta style.

While I’ll wear mine with wide-leg pants and dresses for spring gatherings, the buckled shoes also pair well with pencil skirts for a trip to the office or with baggy jeans for a more casual look. From Mango to M&S, read on to shop our edit of the best shoes with buckle details here.


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