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“It really works, I lost 2 dress sizes”, people praise the weight loss machine

A home exercise machine has buyers raving about its incredible effects.

One woman shared her routine along with stunning before and after photos, and others backed up her claim.

Sharing before and after photos of her figure, one woman praised her stepper at home.Credit: TikTok/xxojenya

Mom and self-care advocate Jenya Ann (@xxojenya) said it’s time to start working on their bikini bodies.

“Summer bodies are made in winter,” he began in a tone shorten.

As for what you need to do to get there, he recommended an at-home workout machine that will only set you back $56 on the TikTok store: a stepper.

Because the machine is small and lightweight, you can easily store it or move it from room to room so it doesn’t take up space in your home.

You can even do it in front of the TV.

She shared a before photo to prove that after spending six months on the stepper, her love handles and love handles were gone and she was instead toned and slim.

Using the resistance band, he worked on his biceps, shoulders, chest, and triceps, all while working his core and legs.

Viewers shared their comments.

“That step by step really works. I had one size and (went down) two sizes. “It’s amazing,” one said, supporting Jenya’s claim.

Another said they even travel with their loved ones: “This small step by step changes the rules of the game. I have mine on the road with me.

“After a long ride, I get on to get the blood flowing.”

And a third said they were influenced to take the leap: “Wait, Jenya. “This might be my first TikTok purchase.”

In addition to being portable, viewers praised the machine because it actually works, with one calling it a “game changer.”Credit: TikTok/xxojenya

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