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Louis Vuitton accidentally launches Demon Slayer bag collection

Louis Vuitton’s new Spring Summer Men’s collection is going viral among anime fans for its striking resemblance to several Demon Hunter: Kimetsu no Yaiba characters.

Through SoraNews 24the new Louis Vuitton The collection, created under the direction of musician and anime fan Pharrell Williams, has released several bags and clothing items almost identical to Tanjiro Kamado’s signature haori-on-kimono pattern. it’s classic damier (which means “chessboard” in French) and Tanjiro’s. ichimatsu (“checkered print” in Japanese) have the obvious print similarity, but the unique shade of green used in the collection is essentially also a perfect match for Tanjiro’s haori. Fans on both X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit have pointed out the similarities, especially in the Christopher MM backpack, priced at $3,700.


Demon Slayer producer: Nobody can compete with Japanese production: this is why

Atsuhiro Iwakami, CEO of Demon Slayer producer Aniplex, says Japan’s output in producing unique characters and worldviews is unrivaled.

Louis Vuitton’s green and brown checkered pattern was worn in December 2023 at the Louis Vuitton men’s fall pre-show by Japanese actor Sho Hirano, who previously worked on live-action anime adaptations, including playing the protagonist masculine of Kaguya-sama: Love is war Miyuki Shirogane. Hirano wore the Damier Nylon Tailored Jacket, priced at $3,400 USD, and the Damier Nylon Smoking Pants, priced at $1,510 USD. In addition to Tanjiro’s green and black Ichimatsu haori pattern, Zenitsu’s yellow and white triangle (similar to a urokomon) the printed haori seems to appear on some of the other bags. The triangular crossbody bag, Chess Messenger in Jaune Mat, is priced at $2,850.

Although the meaning behind specific haori patterns in Murderer of demons has never been discussed by series creator Koyoharu Gotouge, many seem to have their roots in traditional Japanese fabric patterns, which have their own meanings. Tanjiro’s ichimatsu The pattern was originally popularized by 18th century Japanese actor Sanogawa Ichimatsu, famous for his kabuki techniques, a type of traditional acting and dancing. How both Tanjiro and his father dressed. ichimatsu haori, it is possible that the pattern is a reference to the Hinokami Kagura, the “Dance of the Fire God”, which both perform in the series.


New Demon Slayer Tanjiro and Nezuko Bandai Action Figures to Release Worldwide

The new Tanjiro and Nezuko action figures will be released internationally, with pre-orders announced ahead of the release of Season 4’s Hashira Training arc.

Meanwhile, Zenitsu’s haori bears the urokomon scale pattern, which traditionally symbolizes protection and good luck. Zenitsu inherited the pattern of his haori from his trainer, Jigoro Kuwajima, which is common among students, but Kuwajima’s other student, Kaigaku, never wore this pattern. Zenitsu initially struggled with fear and lack of confidence, so it is possible that Kuwajima passed down the haori pattern from him as a symbol of protection.

He Murderer of demons The anime is available to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Prime Video. The next season of Murderer of demons will be released in theaters around the world starting February 21.

Fountain: SoraNews24, Louis VuittonX (formerly Twitter), Reddit

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