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Love beyond labels: Trending looks for all your Valentine’s Day celebrations

New Delhi, Feb 13 (IANS) Valentine’s Day is a day that celebrates modern love in all its forms, including families, couples, dear friends and furry companions. Sharing a gift with a loved one is a tangible expression of love, care and gratitude. Whether you’re planning the perfect romantic surprise for your partner, a super fun gift for a galentine, or something cute for a beloved pet, explore various trends that suit all forms of love and would make treasured gifts.

Aparajita Sengupta, Head of Creativity and Curation, Myntra, suggests some of Myntra’s top trends for Valentine’s Day gifting to your loved ones.

Bardot Mini Dresses: The Bardot mini dress emerges as the quintessential gift for the special woman in your life or for the friend who has put it on her wish list! The Bardot mini dress exudes elegant sophistication, with its fitted bodice and flirty neckline, making it the perfect outfit for a romantic evening or daytime soiree.

Available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics to suit each person’s taste, these mini dresses create a simple, elegant and comfortable outfit.

Bodycon Skirts: Forget the one-size-fits-all trends and celebrate your loved one’s unique beauty with the timeless charm of the bodycon skirt. Like the designs of Coco Chanel’s iconic bodycon fabrics, this wardrobe staple has transcended eras and promises to complement every silhouette, shape and size with grace and confidence.

As versatile of a bottom as a fitted skirt, it can be styled casually with a cozy sweater and sneakers for a laid-back vibe, or paired with a statement jacket and accessories for that dressier look!

Satin Wrap Dress: The satin wrap dress, an elegant and timeless piece that has been graced by many on red carpets and movie screens for decades, remains popular for its versatility, flattering silhouette and luxurious feel, designed for flattering all body types, and adding to that. va-va-voom factor!

Paired with statement accessories for a romantic dinner or paired with oversized sweaters and boots for a cozy and stylish look, perfect for a casual girls’ day out, a satin wrap dress would make a wonderful gift for your Galentine!

Lightweight Jackets: Surprise your baby with the gift of versatility this Valentine’s Day with the effortlessly stylish, lightweight jacket! This versatile piece can be worn in all seasons and offers a relaxed yet elegant vibe, perfect for any date. The key is to play with its adaptability: throw it over a crisp button-down shirt for a smart-casual dinner, leave it open over a printed T-shirt for a relaxed brunch, or roll up the sleeves for a cool afternoon picnic.

Choose neutral tones like beige or olive for timeless appeal or opt for bolder colors to reflect your partner’s unique personality.

Old-Money Polos: Nothing beats timeless sophistication like the Old-Money polo, with its crisp collar, breathable fabric and slim fit. You can opt for brands such as Rare Rabbit or Roadster, which include collections of polo shirts with clean lines, classic colors (navy blue, white or pastel tones) and comfortable fabrics.

Capturing the essence of this enduring style, the vintage polo is an impeccable Valentine’s Day gift, showcasing your thoughtful and refined taste.

Relaxed Fit Jeans: Relaxed Fit jeans are the epitome of wardrobe essentials, offering undeniable comfort, versatility and style. They are the perfect companions for a casual but elegant look, as they offer more room in the butt and thigh area compared to classic cuts.

Perfect for movie nights, exciting weekend adventures, or a cozy date, relaxed-fit jeans are a practical gift that will help your loved one get on-trend.

Printed Bandana: Printed bandanas are the perfect opportunity to show your furry companion some love. With a variety of fun patterns and personalized messages, these make your pet’s personality shine. Whether it’s for daily walks, fun photo shoots, or everyday adventures, these bandanas will make them look super cute and comfortable at the same time.

Plus, these bandanas come in various sizes and materials, so there’s a perfect fit for every furry friend!

This guide allows you to find the perfect on-trend gifts for your loved ones that will help them shine this Valentine’s Day and help you express your love for them authentically. Explore fashion trends that suit all forms of love. Let’s make this Valentine’s Day a season of inclusivity and heartfelt connection.



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