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Maisie Wilen Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear: Digitally Native, Unplugged

Maisie Wilen founder Maisie Schloss may be known for her exploration of digital culture, but she is putting technology aside and looking offline for fall 2024, led by the evolution of her customers. “As Maisie Wilen enters its fifth year, I see a customer who is personally growing along with the brand and who is looking for solid base pieces with great versatility,” Schloss explained via email. “I took a close look at the brand’s core ethos – creating staples for maximalists – and considered what exactly is needed and desired right now.”

Take, for example, their prints, a staple of the brand and usually based in a digital world. Autumn saw her contrast this “through playful, natural imagery” in light knit dresses with saturated colors or simple florals.

In a tight collection of 13 styles showcased through a lookbook, Wilen wanted to highlight silhouettes “that feel extremely versatile while maintaining a sense of excitement through bold prints and the use of textiles.” Standouts included a colorful oversized mohair sweater anchored with chocolate brown workwear-style raver pants and a black and white jumpsuit with an eye print.

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