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New year, new stylish NBA players you should know

The NBA season is approaching its halfway point, just a few weeks away from the 2024 All-Star Game. Lebron James, at the venerable age of 39, is still posting numbers comparable to his best years. Nikola Jokic continues to nonchalantly dominate every game, leading the Denver Nugget’s march to another NBA Finals, and young prodigies like Anthony Edwards and Tyrese Halliburton are finally coming into their own in the world’s most famous basketball league.

Beyond the crazy crossovers, alley-oops and impressive statistics, we’re here to talk about the synergy between the NBA and fashion. Driven by the ever-so-popular NBA tunnel suits, NBA players’ outfits are the highlight that we, as hyper-fashion devotees, are looking forward to this NBA season.

Sure, people like Shai, Jaylen Brown and Jordan Clarkson are always on the cover of magazines, vacillating between fashion scrutiny and reverence, but what about all the other players entering the fashion scene with their walks to the locker room?

In this article, we want to shed light on some of the emerging NBA players who are making waves in the fashion world. If you regularly check the NBA tunnel settings, you may already know them; If not, then you are in for a treat.

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Monk Malik

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This year, I hope the Sacramento Kings make a deep playoff run so Malik Monk can show us more adjustments in the tunnel.

With a personal style that ranges from elevated casual wear, often comprised of baggy pants, tank tops and baggy zip-up sweaters, to more sophisticated experimentations with brands like Balenciaga, Marni x Carhart, Palm Angels and Nanushka, Malik is truly showing us his versatility and growth. Regularly appreciated on LeagueFits, Malik Monk is steadily ascending the ranks of the NBA’s best-dressed players.

When the playing field, and this time not the court, is made up of people who make millions and have almost equal access to stylists, covetable clothes and a photographer ready to photograph every pre-game, personal style becomes everything. more about attitude and energy, and Malik Monk understood that.

Jerami Grant

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Versatile, preppy-inspired, and just the right amount of confidence are the first things that come to mind when I think of Portland Trail Blazers forward Jerami Grant’s fashion.

Sure, freshly signing a five-year, $160 million contract is an easy way to gain self-confidence and score some nice luxury pieces. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. If there’s one thing true about fashion, it’s that money alone can’t buy style (any reference to quiet luxury aficionados is purely intentional). It definitely helps, but you still have to wear your clothes the right way.

In Jerami’s case, he practically wears designer clothes in every game, but not what everyone else wears. From Margiela Tabis to Commes Des Garcons, her looks are often based on a preppy style combined with unconventional combinations such as vintage graphic T-shirts, more billowy blouses and strictly gold necklaces, bracelets and rings. She has a fearless confidence in playing with unique proportions and bright color palettes that it’s virtually impossible to pigeonhole her.

Jerami is playing his own tunnel game and showing time and time again a maturity in his taste and calculated experimentation that really sets him apart from most of his peers in the league.

Jared Vanderbilt

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Whether it’s because he’s playing alongside Lebron or because the sweet Los Angeles vibe of riding a motorcycle during a golden sunset inspires his confidence, the rise of Jared Vanderbilt’s tunnel fit couldn’t have gone unnoticed.

He can pull off a biker look like no other in the league, and is also arguably one of the best right now at playing with contrasting proportions of cropped jackets with baggy pants while still being visually very balanced.

Combine that with casual yet thoughtful statement-making accessories, like the red Louis Vuitton bag you can see in the photo above, and you have a contender for this year’s best-dressed NBA player.

Nickeil Alexander-Walker

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In addition to having one of the longest names printed on an NBA uniform in quite some time, Nickeil Alexander-Walker is rocking some serious workwear-inspired looks this year. From scratch, on tighter days, she is often seen wearing black loafers or leather cowboy boots, fitted leather jackets and shirts for a very stylish and timeless feel.

On more casual days, it’s jorts, vintage graphic tees, and oversized hoodies.

Forget sweatpants, exaggerated combinations from some prestigious brands or unnecessarily flashy tunnel cuts. Nickeil is one of the most balanced in the league in terms of proportions and color palettes.

He consistently gives us solid fits day in and day out and displays a level of fashion maturity that is as good as an NBA fashion veteran.

Jalen Williams

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And now, I present to you, with number 8, the starting guard of the Oklahoma City Thunder of Santa Clara University, Jalen “J-Dub” Williams, 23 years old.

While he’s on pace to average more than 18 points per game this season, Jalen’s walks through the tunnel to the locker room are filled with eclectic cuts, with a recent appreciation for wearing a mix of Carharrt jackets, pants and hoodies.

Other nights, he is often seen sporting a casual load of vintage t-shirts and puffer jackets. Everything is a little weak with Jalen; Bootcut jeans and Timbs are his favorites, often reminiscent of tunnel-fit OGs like Jordan Clarkson, but with his own twist.

Despite playing alongside (and shopping with?) one of the hottest players in the league right now, and future All-Star, Shai Gildeous Alexander, Jalen is already shining brightly at such a young age and with such a relaxed attitude about it, we can’t wait to see what her fashion evolution brings next.

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