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Roland+Supreme Mashup: The Boutique Boutiques

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The Boutique Call that no one asked for is taking place as trendy fashion house Supreme lends its design skills to a pair of Roland mini units.

When street fashion meets music technology

In recent years, Roland attempted to popularize the oft-imitated marketing image of its 808 and 909 drum machines. There were authorized sneakers and jackets and things like that.. There was even a tram with images 808.

Now it seems that it is the other way around. Supreme, which my kids tell me is kind of a trendy street fashion house in New York, has designed a couple of Roland Boutique units. The history of music technology is lightly peppered with this sort of thing. These are mostly custom works for major artists.

We have had units available in various colors. The Behringer TD-3 and RD-6 come to mind. In this correspondent’s opinion, it is nothing more than a weak sales strategy. However, there must be a market for it, just one that doesn’t even remotely appeal to this old man!

Roland/Supremo JU-06A and K25m
Roland/Supremo JU-06A and K25m

White lines

As part of your Spring/Summer 2024 Accessories Preview, Supreme took two Roland Boutique, namely the TR-08 and the JU-06A, painted them white and put their logo on them. The latter has been combined with the K25m, also painted white. The TR-08 doesn’t look so bad. They have inverted the main color of the body and the area surrounding the step buttons.


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This seems good because it contrasts very well with what we already know. However, the JU-06A doesn’t fare as well. Also white, they have placed the Supreme logo across the entire front panel. This makes looking at the already painfully small UI even more so.

Roland/Supreme TR-08
Roland/Supreme TR-08

Just a paint job

In terms of features, these units are the same as the original ones. Just brighter colors. The only thing that can be improved slightly is its street cred. Or, in my case, very reduced.


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More information

Information about these units is as scarce as the color palette that Supreme has used. Supreme says the Spring/Summer 2024 collection will go on sale Thursday, February 15-17 in Japan and South Korea. However, there is no price. Just a few pretty photos and lots of equal parts ridicule and praise, no doubt. The sound of wallets being pulled from pockets with hands still damp with beard oils and bow ties grows in the distance.

For those who don’t care about a new paint job, the originals are still available and are certainly priced a little more reasonably than these.

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Roland+Supreme Mashup: The Boutique BoutiquesRoland+Supreme Mashup: The Boutique Boutiques

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