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Spring 2024 Prêt-à-porter Area: surrealism in the eyes of the viewer

“We’ve been around for about 10 years, which is kind of a milestone. It was really like looking back, but mostly looking forward and seeing how we can evolve and what this new perspective of Area is,” Piotrek Panszczyk said backstage at his spring couture and ready-to-wear collection show.

Panszczyk’s spring line was inspired by 1920s black and white cartoon eyes, or more popularly known as “googly eyes”, using the famous plastic item within a surreal landscape in the signature elements of the brand, unifying commercial pieces with luxury and ingenuity. creations for which the brand is known.

For Panszczyk, eyes provide a sense of introspection, especially at a time when younger generations began to “open their eyes,” so to speak, and create new formats of self-expression. The motif was used literally and replicated in an almost psychedelic manner, from tank tops with multiple googly eyes in brass and enamel paired with a mini skirt with an explosion of the eye motif overlapping and some even extending outwards like flowers; leather tailored coats with oversized eyelets paired with a matching skirt and headpiece, and an oversized embroidered breast plate.

The central motif was also reinterpreted in graphic Dalmatian spots and seen on flowy black crystal-embroidered jacquard denim layers, oversized shirt dresses, and even sleeveless dresses with flower-shaped cutouts and ruffles that would even make Cruella de Vil fawn. .

“It also has to have something very intuitive and desirable just by looking at it, so I think merging those two worlds was really important,” Panszczyk said.

The brand’s signature crystals were blown up in various proportions and used as oversized belts, a centerpiece of blooming flowers, and an all-crystal look consisting of a sleeveless top and a skirt with dripping strands, all in a pink hue. clear and finished with a matching dress. face mask.

The vibrant 60s pop art graphics were also present through the use of flowers, adding a Mod era sensibility, with hints of soft pink, as seen on floor-length dresses with an oversized flower motif in black and pink and laser cut. Leather mini dresses with eyelets and silver hardware as a pupil detail.

“A lot of new customers don’t really know the denim part of our business either, just the customer who already shops in our worlds, so it was really important to us to put that alongside looks that are super meaningful and creative. Panszczyk told WWD.

Panszczyk strongly defended its denim offering, presenting simple styles that included a basic white t-shirt with well-tailored denim jeans, a denim skort and even a short, tailored denim jacket paired with skinny jeans, all usually finished with some version of crystals that captivate the eye on belts, necklaces and even sleeveless blouses.

Taylor Swift was spotted arriving from the Asian leg of her “Eras Tour” at Sunday’s Super Bowl game in Las Vegas, wearing the brand’s crystal cut-out jeans, a style similar to the rhinestone shorts she wore in a previous game, which adds to the brand’s style. continued push for the famous wardrobe staple.

The brand continues to have great success with their see now, buy now model that they adopted about three years ago, and the collection can be purchased immediately in their new luxury store on Amazon, as well as the sneak peek of a footwear collaboration with the famous Italian footwear. brand Giuseppe Zanotti, which included styles in the form of classic flats with the motif on the toe, and several numbers of chunky heels adorned with an oversized flower in shiny black, a metallic silver option, and a blue denim option.

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