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Stephanie Hsu Is Blooming as the New Face of Kate Spade’s Spring Campaign

After an exciting 2023 that began with her attendance at the Oscars as a first-time nominee for Everything, everywhere, everything at onceSince then, Stephanie Hsu has been using her days to rest, regroup and reset. She now looks forward to enjoying the fruits of her labor and feels ready for a change. So it seems fitting that she is the new face of Kate SpadeThe Spring 2024 collection from, which is an ode to hopeful new beginnings.

In the new campaign, we see Hsu walking through New York City and among a sea of ​​people in giant puffer coats (art imitating life, if I do say so myself). Then, one by one, each of his coats begins to transform into vibrant flowers, signaling the change of seasons, and we see Hsu take a step into the sun before bursting into a bold pink floral outfit. With spring on the horizon, Hsu and Kate Spade are more than ready to bloom.

“I am honored to be included in the brand’s campaign as it truly embodies that feeling of absolute joy and hope for what is to come,” he said. joy ride Star says about working with the brand. “I think we can all relate to that at this point in the season.” Hsu had a year of great achievements and now there is nothing stopping her. Looking ahead, the actress was recently confirmed as the lead in Peacock’s new show. Established and appears in the next movie The scapegoat starring Ryan Gosling (NBD, right?).

We caught up with the star to learn more about Hsu’s style inspiration (hello, Jeremy Allen White), her relationship with the Kate Spade brand growing up, and what she’s manifesting this year.

What was your perspective on Kate Spade growing up?

What was so surprising was that it was that designer brand that I couldn’t necessarily afford, but I could touch it. It was (and is) accessible. You know what I mean? Where it’s not hundreds of thousands of dollars that you say, “Oh, that’s going to live in a museum.” I remember when I was a child and I don’t know why I have this distinctive memory, but there was a time when his bags had a logo that was a little dog. And I thought it was so funny that a beautiful bag could have a little dog in it. It was very quirky but still elegant. That’s my first memory of Kate Spade.

The whimsical nature of the brand has always been one of my favorites. How would you describe your personal style?

I just heard about this new trend, Eccentric Grandpa, and I’ve been he Eccentric grandfather for generations. I would say that I am an eccentric grandfather as well as an elegant, original, happy, floral girl who changes every day. I really feel like for me fashion is something that is an extension of my mood or whatever era I’m in at the time. So, it changes depending on the day and geography. I’m trying to get away from my farmgirl chic right now and bring some city back into my bones. But yeah, here’s the thing: Grandparents can be classy. They can also wear stilettos if they wish. So, eccentric grandpa is really the general term for me.

Speaking of everyday wardrobe changes, how excited are you to get out of coat season and back into your spring wardrobe? I loved how the struggle of wearing a puffer jacket in the city was captured in this campaign video.

I was in New York a few days ago and at first I was really excited to wear winter clothes. And then there came a point where the puffer jacket became physically heavy. I’m a big proponent of long underwear. I think if you want to survive in New York during the winter, you should wear lots of layers and long underwear. But then it gets really hot inside and I’m at a dinner party running to the bathroom to take off my long underwear because I’m too hot. SoYes, I am very excited that spring is finally in full force. I have never been so pale in my life and looking forward to some nutrients from the sun.

Well, this new collection is a great way to welcome the spring season. Do you have a favorite piece?

It’s so hard to choose! The way the designers approached using bold patterns, playing with silhouettes and honoring some of their traditional patterns like Noel in such a fresh way that felt so cohesive, fun and full of joy. Some of my favorite pieces include the Jumbo Check Fit and Flare Dress and the Striped sweater and pencil skirt two piece set. Stripes, especially navy and white stripes, go with everything and I would even pair the striped sweater over the plaid dress for a transitional winter to spring look. It’s so versatile. There’s something so fun and eye-catching about mixing patterns and seeing perfectly designed stripes with plaid pieces.

Who are some of your biggest style inspirations?

I’ve been joking that Jeremy Allen White is my style icon because I want someone to pay me to wear a t-shirt. But I will say that I love it Alok a lot. Alok as a poet, as a comedian and simply as a true artist who shares what fashion means to them and what they are capable of doing politically in terms of gender, expression and beauty. All just by wearing something colorful. And it’s inherently the spirit of what fashion should be, which is something completely personal and not a fad, but something that expresses who you are inside and that you want to move forward. So I feel like yes, I think her fashion spirit is one that I really admire. That’s my spectrum, Jeremy Allen White and Alok.

The way I see it, spring is the period in which our manifestations begin to develop. What are you manifesting this year?

Each year, instead of resolutions, I choose a mantra or title for the year. My title for this year or my mantra for this year is “the year of going deep.” So I’m manifesting all the fruits of deep work, but not just the kind of abundance where you lie in your bed and someone slams the door on you on abundance. I’m very excited to manifest and work towards the things I want to grow, whether it’s individual projects I’m working on or writings I’m doing to receive the fruits of the real work it takes to get things done. grow.

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