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Stephanie Hsu on Eclectic Grandpa and Other Fashion Delights She Can’t Get Rid of

Stephanie Hsu has a wicked sense of humor. In ways big and small, she shines through everything the actress takes on, from her Oscar-nominated role in Everything everywhere and at the same time to her latest venture as the face of Kate Spade’s spring campaign and even her own sense of style. According to Hsu, the latter are a match made in fashion heaven. “Fashion should bring you joy,” she tells InStyle. “You should bloom however you want, so I feel like the Time to Spring campaign is literally and metaphorically the choo-choo train I’m on.”

Hsu boarded the Time to Spring Kate Spade express train directly from the campaign set to New York Fashion Week, where the brand premiered its new collection at Nylon Nights, a very New York celebration that took place on Thursday the 8th. February, before a week of catwalk. fashion shows and haute couture. For the event, Hsu wore a head-to-toe Kate Spade look that closely aligned with her favorite trends of the moment.

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for NYLON

“I’ve always been obsessed with flowers, extremely large, avant-garde flowers,” Hsu tells InStyle. “I love couture florals and they’re having a big resurgence right now.” While Hsu wore a chartreuse rosette choker necklace to the Kate Spade NYFW event, the actor can’t wait for the trend to get even bigger and bolder. “For the past five years, I’ve been trying to convince people to make me a full flower headdress,” he shares. “Now everyone is making these neck flowers and I’m like, ‘Okay. Well, that’s fantastic. I’m glad we all agree that this is pretty chic.'”

Hsu’s love of bright florals extends beyond neck-length accessories and into the “funky” bags and purses from the Kate Spade Time to Spring collection, some of which were showcased at Nylon Nights. “There are these floral patent leather bags that I really love,” Hsu shared when she was asked what Kate Spade new item brings her the most joy. “They’re so beautiful and really elegant, but a little funky. They have the scent of a flower, but they’re totally wearable. They spark a lot of joy.”

The Flora patent leather top handle bag with 3D flowers from Kate Spade’s Time to Bloom collection.

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for NYLON

Other fashion elements Hsu loves include fashion secrets from the non-boss guardian variety. “I always like to keep a little secret,” she shares, adding, “I love asymmetry. I have two piercings in my right ear, but only one in my left ear, so sometimes, even if everyone says, ‘not you’ “There’s no need to add a little stud there,” I think, “but then it’s a little unbalanced, and that’s how I like it.”

Having grown up searching through Salvation Army bins for buried fashion treasures, Hsu also values ​​small fragments of uniqueness. “It was amazing,” she says of her youthful thrifting adventures, “to find those pieces that were special or just a little bit different. Even if it’s just the necklace that’s a little different for me, it’s really exciting.” . A little different is fun, but a lot different… well, that’s even better. At least for Hsu, who appreciates where elevated style and an original sense of silliness come together. “I recently bought one of those corncob hair clips,” she says of her pursuit of all things deliciously weird and stylish.

There’s plenty of that particular vibe in the Kate Spade Time to Bloom collection, too, including frog-shaped bags, fun, puffy textures, and a particularly saucy scarf that, while not yet available for purchase, has already turned heads by Hsu. . “There’s a silk scarf coming out that has just a bunch of hot sauces on it,” she reveals. “It’s so silly. Why would you put hot sauce on a silk scarf? However, it’s quite beautiful, elegant and original too.”

At the intersection of funky and chic, Hsu remains at the forefront of the fashion trend cycle. “I’ve been an eclectic grandpa since before there was a thing, okay? I can’t even believe that’s a fad now, and I’m grateful that there’s a name for whatever I embody, which is that.”

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