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Sustainable and size-inclusive brands: Australian fashion professionals share their favorites

Whether you love picking out an outfit and take pride in the smallest details, or prefer not to think about it, getting dressed every day is a universal experience.

Unfortunately, the fashion industry has a terrible habit of making clothes for a limited portion of the population. Although the average Australian woman is between 14 and 16, many designers do not make clothing in those sizes or larger, and when they do, they order them sparingly. Sizing is even more limited in the sustainable fashion space, meaning that looking good and feeling comfortable with your impact on the planet isn’t always possible for everyone.

But there are designers and companies working to change this. Here, fashion industry professionals share their favorite inclusive and sustainable brands.

Creators focused on fit

Amy Ludvik set up her pattern design business, Amy of Melbourne, because she was frustrated by the lack of stylish, affordable and size-inclusive fashion. As an expert seamstress, she makes many clothes for herself: from T-shirts to formal wear.

Amy Ludvik likes brands that focus on clothing that moves and supports the body. Photography: supplied

When shopping off the rack, you look for designers who go beyond an expanded size range and really think about the fit of the clothing. Ludvik seeks “fashion that can move and support the body throughout life and all the adventures of the wearer.”

Your favorite inclusive and sustainable designers are August and Eve, bad behavior, Chasing spring, Hugging Bella, Fact590 and donna donna.

“I also love the dedication shown by August and Eve to recycling textiles and reducing textile waste, through their beautiful custom-made garments.”

For jeans and pants, turn to SÜK work clothes and Understand. For size-inclusive underwear and bras, recommend With curves for their customer service – “it’s incredible” – and playful promises because they have a really fantastic range of sizes and styles available for everyone.

Clean, simple and sophisticated.

Chelsea Bonner, CEO of Bella Management, loves comfort and versatility in her wardrobe. She loves anything she can wear heels and sneakers with, so it’s easy to style a look from day to night.

She bets on local designers such as lowwhich are known for their local manufacturing, and Moose, who are advocates of responsible materials. Bonner prefers them for their comfortable fit and clean lines. “For me there are no flowers or bright colors,” he says.

When she has to dress up, she turns to the Sydney-based brand. KitX. “I’m not a bright, glamorous woman who dresses for any occasion and I love the simple beauty of fabrics and cuts,” she says. “Clean lines and color combinations with a different touch in the design or print. “I like fashion with a little quirk… but in a subtle or unique way.”

For underwear, she loves brands that use natural materials, such as the very good brawho commit to not using plastic in their clothing, and bodywho work with organically grown bamboo.

Cutting-edge design

Lacey-Jade Christie likes brands that are size-inclusive and on the pulse.

LadBible Australia social editor Lacey-Jade Christie has several size-inclusive brands she swears by and says We are the golden hour It is a plus size brand to consider. “Owner Rhiannon Heritage is on top of what’s cutting-edge and trendy and isn’t afraid to offer the fat community designs that most brands shy away from,” she says. “My current favorites are their mesh tops and matching sets.”

The Melbourne Label 17 sundays It’s your go-to for denim. “The team specializes in the basics with a bit of an edge,” he says. “I have their jeans in every color.” And brand New Zealand Flamenco Friday is her favorite for “shiny blazers, sequins and dazzling dresses in bold prints.”

For workwear and neutral garments made from natural fibers, Christie recommends ecclestone. “These are ethical designs made with fat people in mind,” she says. “My favorite Ecclestone item is his olive tapered pants.”

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