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Tanner Fletcher Ready-to-Wear Fall 2024: Bridging Masculine and Feminine with Tailoring, Lace and All the Bows

Tanner Richie and Fletcher Kasell have developed a knack for understanding their customer base with Gen Z-approved styles that bridge masculine and feminine aesthetics. The designers’ fall 2024 collection continues this and opens up its Victorian-era and Bushwick-chic vibe to an older customer.

The CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalists focused on their signature design codes for fall, updating their signature silhouettes, such as sequined quilted coats, lace-embroidered dresses, fresh denim, and tailored suits that showcase the capabilities of men. designers to create eye-catching designs with great attention to detail.

As Tanner Fletcher recently expanded into retailers like Nordstrom, Shopbop and Selfridges, the designers wanted to show that they’re not just a Gen Z brand.

“Sequins are our favorite of the season,” Richie said during a preview. “We made more dresses this season than in the past. “It’s aimed more at a more mature customer, like we already have a Gen Z following and the younger customer, so we wanted to make a few more pieces that made sense for the Net-a-porter woman.”

This mature vibe manifested itself in subtle yet powerful updates to the brand’s core design codes. Tanner Fletcher’s signature bow suit, worn by celebrities such as Bad Bunny and Tom Daley, returned with the use of a wire bow so the wearer can scrunch it up or move around the detail. There was also a tuxedo-style black bow suit adorned with small satin bows, giving the look a minimalist yet sophisticated feel.

On the more feminine side, the designers created a long white bridal-inspired dress adorned with ruffles and small decorative bows, and a similar knit floor-length dress. Both looks embodied an effortlessly feminine vibe despite the complexity behind their design.

“It’s about creating a wardrobe that people can mix and match with their secondhand items,” Kasell said. “I feel like a lot of customers also shop consignment and thrift stores. “It’s kind of a trend: everyone wants a vintage fur coat or whatever from their grandmother, so it’s designed to suit that type of customer.”

With its inclusive aesthetic and quirky designs, the fall 2024 collection proved that Tanner Fletcher isn’t just a Gen Z brand and that it’s just getting started.

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